Pinterest: 10 Quick and Easy Tasks You Can Do Right Now

Pinterest: 10 Quick and Easy Tasks You Can Do Right Now

Pinterest: 10 Quick and Easy Tasks You Can Do Right Now

If you’re confused by Pinterest, there’s no need to be. You can start pinning for yourself or your business right away. For this post, I’ll skim over a few basics, and then get into some tasks you can do immediately. And I’ll make it as quick and easy as possible!

Set up a Business Account

Set up a Business Account

Set up a Business Account

If you haven’t set up a business account, go to Pinterest’s blog for the easy setup. Don’t forget to verify your business account, too. Skip this step if you’re on Pinterest for fun, of course.

Your Action: Set up your business account.

Create 5 Boards

Create 5 Boards

Create Five Boards

Yes, you could create more, but start with five boards with five pins each. That’s quick and easy, right?

Your Action: Set up boards with simple names to reflect your business interests. For instance, if you sell windows, you could have boards about Glass, Architecture, Shades, Window Boxes, and Trim.

Make 'Em Pretty!

Make ‘Em Pretty!

Make ‘Em Pretty

Your board covers need to be pretty! Guys, that includes you, too!

Your Action: Choose the best of the five pins and make that your board cover. Here’s a post that includes how to create better board covers, by the way.

Pin Descriptions

Pin Descriptions

Pin Descriptions

Of the pins that you pinned, are they filled with keyword-rich words?

Your Action: Put yourself in the shoes of someone searching on Pinterest. Would they find your pin?

Pin At Good Times

Pin At Good Times

Pin At Good Times

If you’re only pinning in the middle of the night, you’re going to get middle-of-the-night results!

Your Action: If you only have a few minutes, pin at 6 pm. That’s when most people are on Pinterest.

Find Your Analytics

Find Your Analytics

Find Your Analytics

Click the little gear at the upper right of your Pinterest account.

Your Action: Spend 10 minutes getting cozy with your Pinterest analytics.

On the first page of your analytics, you’ll see the above screen, or something like it.

Check Your Own Website’s Impressions

Check Your Own Website’s Impressions

Pinterest By the Numbers

In the screenshot above (Find Your Analytics), you can see some of the ups and downs of the numbers. If you hover over what interests you, you can see more details. Here I’m interested in activity from my website. Check the impressions from your own website. Go to the top right (third panel, above) and click More. You will see impressions from the past week, by default.

Your Action: Check the impressions for a pin that got repinned and see what you did right! What was the subject of the pin? (To check when a pin was pinned, simply click on the pin and you should see how long ago it was pinned to the top right.)

It’s All in the Details

It’s All in the Details

It’s All in the Details

Check the details. I’m interested in the spike shown on April 10, above.

Your Action: Choose a pin and check the details. See the impressions, clicks, repins, and likes. Below the Top Ten Impressions, there’s a list of places where your pins got repinned. Skim over it–don’t spend a lot of time.

Follow One Pin with the Highest Impressions

Follow One Pin with the Highest Impressions

Follow One Pin with the Highest Impressions

Here’s where it gets interesting. One repin onto a board with very high traffic caused all of the 4565 impressions, above. Pretty neat!

Your Action: See where your highest pinned pins got those impressions. Above, you can see that one repin caused a number of clicks. Is that something that you could replicate?

Be a Tortoise Not a Hare

Be a Tortoise Not a Hare

Be a Tortoise Not a Hare

Pin steadily. Don’t worry too much about daily fluctuations in analytics.

Your Action: Commit to pinning five minutes per day. If that’s too much, maybe five minutes three times a week.



Bonus Tip

Once you’re a regular pinner, you may want to do more.

Your Action: Create one board of your highest ranked pins. Use your analytics to find, say, your pins that got more than three pins. Or five pins.

What Would You Recommend?

What quick and easy tips have helped you? Let me know in the comments! Thank you!



Promote Your Book with Pinterest: 5 Best Ways

Promote Your Book with Pinterest: 5 Best Ways

Promote Your Book with Pinterest: 5 Best Ways

As promised, here is the second in the series of about promoting on social media for authors. If you missed the first one, here is Promote Your Book on Social Media: Extend Your Reach. Keep your eyes open for more in the series soon!

Pinterest Basics

If you’ve never been on Pinterest, or need a refresher, here you go:

Set Up a Business Account

Make sure that you have a Pinterest business account so that you can access the analytics. The analytics help you see which pins are getting the most traffic so you can duplicate your efforts later.

Master the Basics | Photo by Bengisu Kaya

Master the Basics | Photo by Bengisu Kaya

Get Your Website Verified

The little red checkmark next to your website (see image below) gives you more credibility. Here’s how to claim your website from the folks at Pinterest.

Link your Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter

Link your Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter

Link Your Pinterest to Your Twitter and Facebook

Pinterest defaults to your personal Facebook account, so you may want to put your business Facebook account in your profile somewhere (unless you’re using your personal Facebook account to promote).

Have a Book Board

Your book board could have lots of snippets from your book. Make sure you completely fill out each pin with a full description (this means key words). For instance, instead of “great chapter,” say something like “here are ways to sell your Avon products, in infographic format” (or whatever the chapter is about). You could create a simple and short hashtag, too, such as #DIY.

Create a Book Board with Favorite Authors

Create a Book Board with Favorite Authors

Make sure your book board is up at the top of your account. Most people are on mobile these days, so if your board is at the top of your account, others will see it first. Right next to your book board, put your most popular board. So if your board about tamale recipes is getting lots of repins, put that board next to your book board. Optimise your Pinterest board by telling people what the board is about.

Photo of Edward Gorey © 2004 Steve Marsel Studio Inc.

Photo of Edward Gorey © 2004 Steve Marsel Studio Inc.

Create Boards of Your Favorite Authors

Create a variety of boards to interest your readers. For instance:

  • pins of your favorite authors,
  • how to edit, and
  • how to write.

Reveal your personal interests on Pinterest to attract more potential readers.

Pinterest is about 80% women, so boards need to be beautiful and appeal to women. You could also include boards on humor, lifestyle, characters in your book, a place board in the location where your book takes place, etc. Be generous to other pinners by liking, commenting on and repinning their pins.

Has This Been Helpful?

Use some of these hints and let me know how you do with them!


Pinterest: Top Ten Tasks (and Power Tips)

Top Ten Pinterest Tasks

Top Ten Pinterest Tasks

You may have seen my previous post on Top Ten Twitter Terms. Here are the first tasks you should tackle on Pinterest. If you’re more advanced, skip to the “Power Tips.”

Set Up Your Profile

Fill out your profile. Go to “Settings” on the top right, scroll to Profile, upload your picture or avatar and fill out the “About You.” Connect your Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can invite friends at the top left of your home page. If you plan to sell on Pinterest, you’ll need to set up a business account.

Power Tip: Use Location for a short descriptive sentence, if you prefer. Make sure to click “save settings.”

Create Boards

Boards are how you organize pins on Pinterest. Choose an easy name for your boards—nothing fancy. For instance, Blogs, not Words Words Words, will be found easier. Create a category and description for each board. And, since Pinterest is a visual medium, make sure your board covers are pretty!

Power Tip: Create at least 5 boards of 5 pins each before you start following anyone. People want to know what your pins are like, and what your interests are before they’ll follow you.

Add Pins

A pin contains an image and description. Upload an image from your computer using the red plus icon at the top right of your Pinterest account, or use the Pinterest browser button, available from Pinterest.

Power Tip: Fill out each pin’s description completely. If you’re repinning, change the description to make it yours. Think about how people would search for that pin. For instance, if you’re pinning a watercolor painting, you could use the words, water color, painting, and art. You might also add the dominant colors and the topic, since people sometimes search that way.

Find Others to Follow

Pinterest is visual, so make your boards pretty!

Pinterest is visual, so make your boards pretty!

Click on the icon–which turns red when you hover over it–in the top left corner and you’ll see all kinds of categories. Explore your interests and find boards and pinners to follow.

Power Tip: You can follow a single board or an account. If you don’t like one or two boards, follow all, then unfollow the boards you don’t enjoy.


When you find a pin, either through search, or through discovery in your own stream, you can repin it. When you repin it, change the comment.

Power Tip: Click all the way through a pin to discover where the pin leads. If a pin leads nowhere or to spam, don’t repin. You can report spam and Pinterest is pretty good at removing it.


A “like” is not as strong as a repin. You might “like” a pin rather than comment, if it’s outside your niche.


People rarely comment on Pinterest. It’s a very powerful way to be noticed by influencers.

Power Tip: If you want to be noticed, comment. You can ask questions or tag others in a comment, too.

Give Credit

Pinterest usually gives credit to the destination of the original pin. Authors and artists also appreciate getting credit.

Power Tip: If you don’t know whose image you’re repinning, you could ask your followers right in the comment of the pin, such as “Does anyone know whose image this is or have any more information?”

Know Your Audience

As with all other social media platforms, know what people are looking for. For instance, if you’re a spa owner you might also pin tips on relaxation, how to get good sleep, smoothie recipes, etc.

Power Tip:After awhile, you’ll get a feel for what your audience likes by what gets repinned. Repin more of the popular content.

Clean Up Boards

Occasionally, you can delete pins that don’t get much traffic.

Power Tip: At first, none of your pins may get much traffic. If you believe something will get traffic (but wasn’t seen the first time you pinned it), you can repin it to the top of the same board, and delete the one further down.

Did I Forget Anything?

Please let me know in the comments! Thanks!

Pinterest Group Boards: Pros and Cons

Pinterest Group Boards: Pros and Cons

Pinterest Group Boards: Pros and Cons

If you’ve been on Pinterest for any length of time, then you’ve been invited to participate in a group board. A group board is easily created by having two or more people able to pin on a single board. For some businesses, a group board is a wonderful idea. For others, a group board can quickly become an out-of-control party, akin to spending a long weekend in Vegas with alcoholics.

First, the Pros

Pro: A Place for Friends to Gather

Pinterest Group Boards: Pros and Cons

Pinterest Group Boards: Pros and Cons

A group board can be a place for friends to share things that they find entertaining, educational, or funny. For instance, your group of knitters might like to share “yarn bombs,” those funny knitted thing-a-mabobbers that have been popping up all over the place! Finally a place to share those images, right?

Pro: More Eyes on Your Product

For a brand or startup, a shared board can mean more sales. For instance, if you sell iPhone apps, you might consider finding and then asking to join a large group board, and then regularly pinning to that board. More eyes on your product means more repins, likes and comments, and potentially more business.

Pro: More Overall Likes

Another pro is that when someone likes your group board, you’ll probably get more followers. If you’re a brand, in particular, I recommend having a group board and inviting others in your circle to pin to it. When people find your group board, chances are they’ll also find you and that may cause more people to find your brand.


Now for the downside of group boards.

Con: Spammy Pinning

I’ve seen some group boards taken over by spammers while the group owner does nothing. And I’ve left those group boards because what they said they were didn’t jive with what they became. By the way, here are a few ways to avoid newbie mistakes on Pinterest.

Con: You Don’t “Own” New Follows

The person who starts the group board gets to count the new follows on their account. So if you’re trying to get new followers, that might bother you. In that case, you can start your own group board!

Con: You Can’t Control the Board Cover

On boards you own, you can create a pleasing tableau by matching the themes of the board covers, which you can’t do if you didn’t create a board.

What Do You Like or Dislike About Group Boards?

I’d love to hear from you!


Pinterest: 5 Annoying Things

What Would Help Improve Pinterest?

What Would Help Improve Pinterest?

Many of you love Pinterest as much as I do. You spend hours and hours there, so you may have discovered some things that really bother you about Pinterest. If you’re a newbie on Pinterest, maybe these things don’t bother you. But for those of you who are past being beginners, here are a few changes that I’d love to see in their next release.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a messaging system? I’d love to be able to say to someone “I love everything about this board!” Or “Your entire Pinterest account really inspires me!” But there is no way to do that. Leaving a comment on a particular pin, even with a tag for the owner of the account, seems  inadequate. Right now, you get an email if someone has @ messaged you, but it’s easy to miss , given the volume of mail most people get.

Deleting Multiple Pins

Deleting pins is a headache. I like to go through and delete pins that no one has liked or repinned and it takes FOREVER! You have to go to the board, scroll, scroll, scroll, then click three times in order to delete one pin. Why? I’d love to be able to  select a bunch of pins and then delete them all at once. Could we have a way to do this, please?


I’d  like to know easily who’s not following me so I can decide if I want to continue following them. There are some workarounds, and there’s an app that lets you unfollow, but in general unfollowing on Pinterest is not easy.

Pinning a Board Cover

Pinning a Board Cover Takes Forever

Pinning a Board Cover Takes Forever

Right now, you have to click through many pins to get to the one pin you want to choose as a cover for a board. There has to be an easier way! Doesn’t there?

Seeing Boards I Follow Versus Pinners

I’d love to be able to see whose boards I follow (versus entire accounts). Sometimes I only follow one or two boards, and not everything by a pinner. There are ways to unfollow boards, but it’s clunky.

What’s On Your Wishlist?

Are there things you’d like to see in the next version of Pinterest? Would you like to see any of the changes above? Please let me know in the comments!

Pinterest: Five Ways to Prettier Boards

Five Ways to Prettier Boards

Five Ways to Prettier Boards

If you’ve been on Pinterest for a little while, you might be interested in finding some ways to go beyond being a newbie. You’re pinning like crazy, but still only have a few followers, and plus, you just feel like the entire experience could be, well, better. Here are some ideas that have worked for me. My main rule is I want my boards to be beautiful–because Pinterest is a visual medium! Engagement on Pinterest is another issue, for another day.

Pick a Color

Occasionally, I like to change the board covers on my Pinterest account. So I’ll pick a color (right now it’s red). I’ll go through each board and try to pick a cover with some red in it to give the entire account a unified color theme. If there isn’t a red pin on a particular board, I’ll search for one, and then make it the board cover.

Use Seasonal Colors

Sometimes, using seasonal colors can be fun. For example, in the spring, I’ll choose more pastels and neutral colors (think Easter egg colors). In the fall, I’ll pick fall colors, such as deep burnt oranges, mahogany, and copper. Think about the leaves as they change colors. In the winter, snowy whites are perfect, and for summer, greens and blues–the colors of the ocean and pools and summer vacation!

Use Black and White

Sometimes I like to have no color at all. That is, board covers that are all black and white. Or they might be mostly white. You could make all of your boards one color to emphasize one spot on one board. Or you could choose all black boards except for the one board you want to emphasize. Have some fun with it!

Black and White and a Spot of Color

zen smallPick a theme to unify your Pinterest boards

Pick a theme to unify your Pinterest boards

Another, similar theme to not picking a color, is to have all black and white covers with just a tiny dot of color. This highlights a tiny spot on each cover, and can be quite stunning.

Pick a Theme

Is there something that you can choose that’s a visual theme, other than color? One example is to go for an uncluttered look. Choose a word, such as “serenity,” for example. Could you find pictures that embodies the Serenity theme across all your boards? This kind of theme would work really well for a business such as a yoga studio or a spa. Is there a word that describes your business?

Do Any of These Ideas Appeal to You?

If you’ve tried any other ideas, I’d love to hear from you!

Pinterest: Five Newbie Mistakes You’re Making

Pinterest: Five Newbie Mistakes You're Making

Pinterest: Five Newbie Mistakes You’re Making

Since Pinterest showed up on the social media scene, people have been flocking to it like ducks to water, or maybe like addicts to a new video game. People who weren’t that visual became more visual, and those who didn’t know they were visual, are suddenly spending hours on this visual site. So what are a few things to avoid and what should you be doing to have fun for yourself or your brand on Pinterest? Here are some simple fixes to common errors.

Keeping Default Boards

Fix: decide on the boards you really want. Say you are a small business selling hand knitted leg warmers and other trendy items for chihuahuas. You might want to create boards such as Tiny Dogs, SPCA, Local Doggy Events, and of course a board for your own homemade doggy outfits. You might also want to create boards for different types of outfits, such as hats, vests, paw warmers, etc. Keep in mind that you can change the names of boards later if you like. To change the board name, click on the board, go to “Edit Board” –>Title (don’t forget to save your changes!).

Ugly Board Covers

Fix: Make Each Board Beautiful! To entice people to see the contents of a board, pin the most visually beautiful cover you can. To change a board cover, simply hover with your mouse over the board. Click on “Edit Board Cover” to choose a photo. You can position the photo if you like, at this point. Then click “Set Cover.”

Following Nobody

Choose the Best Covers for Your Boards

Choose the Best Covers for Your Boards

Fix: Follow people you already know or whose pins you enjoy. Although unfollowing people who don’t follow you isn’t easy, you can unfollow people later. Note: like other forms of social media, there is spam out there! So beware of people who have 40 boards with just one photo on each board, or who don’t appear to be real people, or who only sell things like wrist watches.

Not Commenting

Like other forms of social media, Pinterest is social. So “like,” repin, and especially comment on others’ pins! People will appreciate you, and they will be more likely to reciprocate!

Not Having Your Business Name in Your Profile

Fix: Along with your business name and logo, you might want to include a few things about you. A photo of you or a logo also legitimizes your account. People want to know a little about you! To make changes, click “Edit Profile.” You can use the First Name line for your business name. Don’t forget to click “Save Profile” when you’re done. Note: Pinterest has recently partnered with brands to add information to pins, which is very useful for brands.

Not Pinning on Sundays

Fix: Take Saturday off and pin on Sundays! Sundays are the busiest days on Pinterest. So even just pinning a few pins will really help you with traffic and getting more eyes on your content.

What Have You Learned About Pinterest?

Have you changed your strategy along the way with Pinterest? What has helped you the most? Please leave a comment below! Thank you!

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