Pinterest: Five Ways to Prettier Boards

Five Ways to Prettier Boards

Five Ways to Prettier Boards

If you’ve been on Pinterest for a little while, you might be interested in finding some ways to go beyond being a newbie. You’re pinning like crazy, but still only have a few followers, and plus, you just feel like the entire experience could be, well, better. Here are some ideas that have worked for me. My main rule is I want my boards to be beautiful–because Pinterest is a visual medium! Engagement on Pinterest is another issue, for another day.

Pick a Color

Occasionally, I like to change the board covers on my Pinterest account. So I’ll pick a color (right now it’s red). I’ll go through each board and try to pick a cover with some red in it to give the entire account a unified color theme. If there isn’t a red pin on a particular board, I’ll search for one, and then make it the board cover.

Use Seasonal Colors

Sometimes, using seasonal colors can be fun. For example, in the spring, I’ll choose more pastels and neutral colors (think Easter egg colors). In the fall, I’ll pick fall colors, such as deep burnt oranges, mahogany, and copper. Think about the leaves as they change colors. In the winter, snowy whites are perfect, and for summer, greens and blues–the colors of the ocean and pools and summer vacation!

Use Black and White

Sometimes I like to have no color at all. That is, board covers that are all black and white. Or they might be mostly white. You could make all of your boards one color to emphasize one spot on one board. Or you could choose all black boards except for the one board you want to emphasize. Have some fun with it!

Black and White and a Spot of Color

zen smallPick a theme to unify your Pinterest boards

Pick a theme to unify your Pinterest boards

Another, similar theme to not picking a color, is to have all black and white covers with just a tiny dot of color. This highlights a tiny spot on each cover, and can be quite stunning.

Pick a Theme

Is there something that you can choose that’s a visual theme, other than color? One example is to go for an uncluttered look. Choose a word, such as “serenity,” for example. Could you find pictures that embodies the Serenity theme across all your boards? This kind of theme would work really well for a business such as a yoga studio or a spa. Is there a word that describes your business?

Do Any of These Ideas Appeal to You?

If you’ve tried any other ideas, I’d love to hear from you!

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