#Digiblogchat Questions January 12, 2021

The topic for January 12, 2021 is business coaching (with questions by Teodora Ema Pirciu @emapirciu). Business coaching can help you reach a higher level of success, and help you gain valuable insights.  Here are Teodora’s top ten questions to help you evaluate where you are and where you want to be through business coaching.

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  1. How do you ask for help when you’re stuck in business? 
  2. Who needs a business coach? 
  3. When is the right time to work with a business coach?  
  4. What do you expect from a business coach? 
  5. How relevant is the age when you pick a business coach? 
  6. Share some tips for choosing the right business coach. 
  7. What are some red flags when you decide to work with a business coach? 
  8. What are the problems that a business coach can’t solve? 
  9. If you’ve worked with a business coach before, how did it impact your career?
  10. Why do you need clarity in business?

#Digiblogchat Questions August 11, 2020

The topic for August 11, 2020 is how Emotional Intelligence can help you build stronger relationships with others during challenging times (questions by @TrippBraden ). Emotional intelligence can help you connect on a deeper level with others. How do you know if you’re connecting with others if you are also being distracted? Here are a Braden’s top ten questions to help you evaluate where you are and help you get to where you want to be. They will help you remain centered and mindful of the emotions you and the other people in your life might be feeling. Join us on Twitter for #digiblogchat every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time!

Q1. What does emotional intelligence mean to you?

Q2. What are your strengths when dealing with emotional situations?

Q3. How does your mood impact how you make decisions?

Q4. Are you good at understanding others’ emotions? Are you good at reading others emotions accurately?

Q5. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

Q6. How do you respond to criticism? Do you always go with your first response?

Q7. How important is it to be authentic when dealing with others about your emotions?

Q8. Why is it important to forgive and forget when dealing with many emotional situations?

Q9. How do you deal with your commitments to others? What about to yourself?

Q10. Have you ever considered how helping others helps meet your emotional needs?

Bonus Question: What one thing will you act on that you learned today?

#Digiblogchat questions August 4, 2020

intelligence photo

The topic for August 4, 2020 is the use of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Social Media with @interprosepr. Join us on Twitter for #digiblogchat every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time!

Q1. What are some examples of where AI can be found in marketing today?

Q2. Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) even have a place in marketing? If so, where?

Q3. Why should marketers care about AI?

Q4. How is AI impacting the marketing landscape in general?

Q5. What aspects of day-to-day marketing operations can AI be applied to?

Q6. Wait…AI can be used for copywriting?

Q7. Why should copywriters be worried about being replaced by AI?

Q8. What kinds of technical or resource challenges are there to AI’s use in marketing?

Q9. Are there any ethics, privacy, or security issues when implementing AI in marketing?

Q10. Where do you see AI in marketing going in the future?

#Digiblogchat questions July 21, 2020

cooking photo

The topic for July 21, 2020 is Quarantine Cooking. Join us on Twitter for #digiblogchat every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time!

Q1. What’s the best dish or cocktail you’ve created during quarantine?

Q2. What were some strange ingredient substitutions you’ve made? 

Q3. What recipes or cooking ideas didn’t work out? 

Q4. Do you have any recipe that you’d like to share? 

Q5. How often do you get take-out food (or do you only cook at home)? 

Q6. What have you baked lately? 

Q7. What’s the simplest meal you’ve made? 

Q8. Any tips for making fresh produce last longer? 

Q9. What’s your laugh-out-loud go-to meal and why? 

Q10. What’s your favorite, most-used kitchen appliance? 

#Digiblogchat questions July 14, 2020

lazy photo

The topic for July 14, 2020 is The Lazy Way to Content Marketing. Join us on Twitter every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time!

Q1. How often do you procrastinate on creating content? 

Q2. How do you feel about copying your favorite author? (Stolen from @inkandcopy!) 

Q3. Why would you let the audience create content for you? (stolen from @RandyLyleClark)

Q4. How often can you repost a blog article? 

Q5. How many different pieces of content can you create from one article? 

Q6. Why is your commenting on someone else’s post a type of content? 

Q7.  What’s the laziest piece of content you’ve ever created? 

Q8. Would you consider looking at Amazon books for content ideas? Why or why not? 

Q9. What do you think about collaborating with another lazy person to double your reach? 

Q10. What is the limit to lazy content creation? 


#Digiblogchat questions July 7, 2020

zoom meeting photo

The topic for July 7, 2020 is Netiquette for Online Meetings, with questions by @Lazblazter. Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time! 

Q1. What do your clothes say about you and your professionalism in the work context?

Q2. Is your attire relevant when you engage in virtual meetings with video on / off?

Q3. Does a virtual meeting require a “business environment” background scene? Please share your thoughts.

Q4. Is it important that you understand the tech you are using or is it okay to “blame” bandwidth or other gremlins?

Q5. What about eye contact, should you maintain this or is multi-tasking acceptable to show you’re busy?

Q6. How do you engage or invite others into a meeting discussion, do you wait for people to speak up or seek to involve them?

Q7. If someone is disruptive, how might you mitigate any inappropriate behaviours?

Q8. What about instant messaging and emojis, a useful addition to speech or a distraction?

Q9. Is wearing headphones acceptable or is it a better professional setup if you invest in a good mic and speakers?

Q10. Is it more respectful to finish a meeting 5 minutes early?


#Digiblogchat questions June 30, 2020

The topic for #Digiblogchat on June 30, 2020 is: How and why to use visuals with Loni of @JorgensonLocker! Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Here are the questions:

Q1. Why do you think visuals are important?

Q2. Where do you get your visuals (images, infographics, etc) from?

Q3. How often do you use visuals in your social media posts?

Q4. How often do you use visuals in blog posts?

Q5. What catches your eye MOST when scrolling through social media feeds?

Q6. Do you think images or videos are more impactful?

Q7. From a global perspective, why should you use visuals rather than just words?

Q8. Considering that most people scan rather than read, how can you use visuals to tell a whole story?

Q9. Why are visuals important when it comes to making sites mobile-friendly?

Q10. What are your thoughts about GIFs?


#Digiblogchat questions June 23, 2020

view photo

The topic for this week’s #Digiblogchat is: What is the new normal?! Questions are by @finolaineurope. Thank you, Finola! Here are the questions:

Q1. Rather than rushing into simply going back to how we were all living pre Covid-19, we now have an opportunity to address issues concerning the environment and social & economic problems.  What is your vision for how we\the world might develop as we leave lockdown?

Q2. Diversity must feature in the New Normal: When you have a diverse internal workplace with different viewpoints, abilities, skillsets & perspectives, you are better representing your customer & partner base.  How are you addressing this?

Q3. Have you identified any innovative ideas providing solutions for businesses, that would otherwise have no relevance during COVID?

Q4. Automation:  There will be a sustained move to digital and to cloud across the next 24 months and a huge increase in automation for certain types of work. Do you agree automation isn’t a job-killer in today’s economic environment and is becoming a mandatory capability to deal with a crisis?

Q5. What will replace your planned holidays abroad in this ‘New Normal’ and are you happy to not travel to another country?

Q6. With jobs at the heart of how work gets done, leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine them by rearranging work and having employees take on different responsibilities to better respond to the evolving needs of their organizations, customers, and employees. Do you agree and what do you propose?

Q7. Technology companies are having to innovate at lightening speed to help businesses to be fit for purpose for the future, using technology to have those human moments of contact.  Post COVID will we see a redress to community values, particularly as the world is going to be economically challenged?

Q8. Going forward we can anticipate permanent flexibility with a hybrid situation between people working from home at least half of the time, and physical offices for in-person meetings.  Is this your vision?

Q9.  COVID is preventing business travel.  Are email and virtual meeting platforms replacing traditional face-to-face meetings satisfactorily?

Q10. The question to ask during a time such as this is ‘what is my role in society in the New Normal?’

#Digiblogchat questions June 16, 2020


data photo

The topic for the June 16, 2020 #Digiblogchat is Using Data in the Era of Covid19. Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

Here are the questions:

1. What is your most trusted place to find Covid19 data?
2. How often do you check local data?
3. What changes have you seen in how the COVID-19 numbers have been reported?
4. What’s your favorite way to digest data? Graph? Infographic?
5. What type of data would you like to see that you haven’t seen?
6. What emotional response do you have to seeing the COVID-19 data?
7. How can governments track Covid19 and respect privacy?
8. Which countries have gotten their data tracking right?
9. What do you like about how your local officials are reporting Covid19 data?
10. If you were in charge of the Covid19 data, what would you do?

#Digiblogchat questions June 9, 2020

digital photo

Today’s topic: The importance of digital skills for leadership! Thank you, @LazBlazter for the questions!

Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time for #Digiblogchat.

Q1. How highly do you rate your own digital literacy. Can you create a pivot table?

Q2. Should owners / leaders / Boards be “ Uber-skilled” with tech? Discuss.

Q3. How do you define a good leader? 

Q4. What new attributes does a leader need for remote or smart working?

Q5. When and how does an organisation uplift the skills of employees?

Q6. Which skill set would you prioritise as a leader:

  1. Communication: Blogging, Vlogging, SoMe skills
  2. Strategy: Big Data, Data Vizualization, Spreadsheets
  3. Marketing: Media, Graphics, CRM, B2B
  4. Governance/Compliance: Automation, Machine Learning, Legal

Q7. Which leadership model is the most appropriate for a digital-age business, hierarchical or knowledge (influence)?

Q8. Who epitomises what a good business leader should be in your view and why?

Q9. What 3 things would you like to improve about your own skills?

Q10. Which one thing are you definitely going to commit to achieving?



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