#Digiblogchat questions June 23, 2020

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The topic for this week’s #Digiblogchat is: What is the new normal?! Questions are by @finolaineurope. Thank you, Finola! Here are the questions:

Q1. Rather than rushing into simply going back to how we were all living pre Covid-19, we now have an opportunity to address issues concerning the environment and social & economic problems.  What is your vision for how we\the world might develop as we leave lockdown?

Q2. Diversity must feature in the New Normal: When you have a diverse internal workplace with different viewpoints, abilities, skillsets & perspectives, you are better representing your customer & partner base.  How are you addressing this?

Q3. Have you identified any innovative ideas providing solutions for businesses, that would otherwise have no relevance during COVID?

Q4. Automation:  There will be a sustained move to digital and to cloud across the next 24 months and a huge increase in automation for certain types of work. Do you agree automation isn’t a job-killer in today’s economic environment and is becoming a mandatory capability to deal with a crisis?

Q5. What will replace your planned holidays abroad in this ‘New Normal’ and are you happy to not travel to another country?

Q6. With jobs at the heart of how work gets done, leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine them by rearranging work and having employees take on different responsibilities to better respond to the evolving needs of their organizations, customers, and employees. Do you agree and what do you propose?

Q7. Technology companies are having to innovate at lightening speed to help businesses to be fit for purpose for the future, using technology to have those human moments of contact.  Post COVID will we see a redress to community values, particularly as the world is going to be economically challenged?

Q8. Going forward we can anticipate permanent flexibility with a hybrid situation between people working from home at least half of the time, and physical offices for in-person meetings.  Is this your vision?

Q9.  COVID is preventing business travel.  Are email and virtual meeting platforms replacing traditional face-to-face meetings satisfactorily?

Q10. The question to ask during a time such as this is ‘what is my role in society in the New Normal?’

#Digiblogchat questions June 16, 2020


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The topic for the June 16, 2020 #Digiblogchat is Using Data in the Era of Covid19. Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

Here are the questions:

1. What is your most trusted place to find Covid19 data?
2. How often do you check local data?
3. What changes have you seen in how the COVID-19 numbers have been reported?
4. What’s your favorite way to digest data? Graph? Infographic?
5. What type of data would you like to see that you haven’t seen?
6. What emotional response do you have to seeing the COVID-19 data?
7. How can governments track Covid19 and respect privacy?
8. Which countries have gotten their data tracking right?
9. What do you like about how your local officials are reporting Covid19 data?
10. If you were in charge of the Covid19 data, what would you do?

#Digiblogchat questions June 9, 2020

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Today’s topic: The importance of digital skills for leadership! Thank you, @LazBlazter for the questions!

Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time for #Digiblogchat.

Q1. How highly do you rate your own digital literacy. Can you create a pivot table?

Q2. Should owners / leaders / Boards be “ Uber-skilled” with tech? Discuss.

Q3. How do you define a good leader? 

Q4. What new attributes does a leader need for remote or smart working?

Q5. When and how does an organisation uplift the skills of employees?

Q6. Which skill set would you prioritise as a leader:

  1. Communication: Blogging, Vlogging, SoMe skills
  2. Strategy: Big Data, Data Vizualization, Spreadsheets
  3. Marketing: Media, Graphics, CRM, B2B
  4. Governance/Compliance: Automation, Machine Learning, Legal

Q7. Which leadership model is the most appropriate for a digital-age business, hierarchical or knowledge (influence)?

Q8. Who epitomises what a good business leader should be in your view and why?

Q9. What 3 things would you like to improve about your own skills?

Q10. Which one thing are you definitely going to commit to achieving?



#Digiblogchat Questions June 2, 2020

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We’ve all experienced anxiety of one sort or another, but there’s even more free-floating anxiety during the time of the Corona Virus. Thank you, @Mitch_M for the questions!

Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time for #Digiblogchat.

1. Can you identify anxiety whether it’s yours or someone else’s?

2. Do you believe it’s valid to have a period of doing nothing while experiencing anxiety? Why?

3. Do you think everyone knows what drives their anxiety?

4. If possible, is it better to confront the situation or person creating the anxiety?

5. What types of things do you go to relieve anxiety, stress, depression or fear?

6. Would you talk to a friend or colleague, or would you be that friend to someone else you know is going through it?

7. Have you ever thought of, or recommended, journaling?

8. How does exercise affect anxiety? 

9. Which type of music might help relieve anxiety the most?  
10. What could you tell a friend dealing with anxiety and still be diplomatic? 

#Digiblogchat Questions May 26, 2020

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During the pandemic it may be more difficult to concentrate on what we all have to be grateful for, but if we search – it is there. Thank you, @RandyClark for the questions! Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time for #Digiblogchat.

  1. Name a recent work or life victory
  2. Find a positive in a negative
  3. What do you love about the work you get to do?
  4. What’s something that has recently inspired you?
  5. How was today better than yesterday?
  6. What do you appreciate about your business during these trying times?
  7. What has the pandemic made easier for you?
  8. Who is always there for you?
  9. What’s your favorite thing about your job?
  10. Who would you like to publicly share your gratitude with and thank?

#Digiblogchat questions for May 19, 2020

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May 19th, 2020’s topic is Leadership in the Covid-19 era! Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 pm Pacific Time on Twitter. 

Q1. Who are some business leaders that are setting examples for others?  

Q2. What are some of the things your country’s leaders are doing right? 

Q3. What are some of the things your country’s leaders are doing wrong? 

Q4. Name some things you’ve had to change because of #covid19? 

Q5. What institutions or people do you trust the most right now? 

Q6. How has remote work changed since #covid19? 

Q7. How has leadership changed during this crisis? 

Q8. How do you deal with those who view social distancing differently than you do? 

Q9. How have the leaders within your business or industry changed course since #Covid19? 

Q10. What would you do right now if you were in charge? 


#Digiblogchat Questions for May 12, 2020

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The topic for May 12, 2020 is fitness routines for the remote worker!

Today’s questions are by @LazBlazter. Join us on Twitter at 1:00 pm Pacific Time every Tuesday. 

Q1. What exercise tips can you share for anyone working away from the office or remotely?

Q2. How often do you take a stretch break and what prompts you?

Q3. Let’s get some competition here: set yourself daily targets, e.g. a sale is 10 Squats. What‘s your target?

Q4. Who do you work out with over @youtube or @zoom?

Q5. Can you share either a  HIT routine or a relaxation tip?

Q6. What are the benefits of being active and doing basic fitness to your work?

Q7. Would you consider a client workout acceptable now, as in a round of golf? 

Q8. What about those snacks and coffees, howdo you control the munchies?

Q9. Would you support a colleague with their exercise programme and how?

Q10. What clothes do you wear for remote working when exercising too?


#Digiblogchat questions May 5, 2020


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Here are the questions for May 5, 2020 #Digiblogchat. Topic: sensitivity in email marketing with @brandonpolson of @aweber, with partner @LazBlazter! Join us on Twitter at 1:00 pm Pacific Time every Tuesday. 

Q1. How do you know when it’s the right time to email your subscribers in a crisis? 

Q2. How often should you email your audience in a crisis?

Q3. What are some tips when emailing your subscribers in a crisis?

Q4. What are some things to avoid when emailing your audience in a crisis?

Q5. Examples of appropriate emails sent during COVID-19?

Q6. Examples of NOT so appropriate emails sent during COVID-19?

Q7. When shouldn’t you email your audience in a crisis?

Q8. Should you continue selling your products or services in a crisis?

Q9. How can you show empathy in your emails to your subscribers during a crisis?

Q10. What should you say in your emails during a crisis? 

#Digiblogchat questions April 28, 2020

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Here are the questions for April 28th, 2020 #Digiblogchat. Topic: How work will be different when lockdown ends with questions by Tripp Braden. Join us on Twitter at 1:00 pm Pacific Time every Tuesday. 

  1. How has your life changed most since the COVID19 Lockdown?
  2. What are you going to change when you return back to work because of the lockdown?
  3. What are the best things that came out of the past several months in lockdown?
  4. How did you capture the events of the past several months?
  5. What did you learn about yourself during the lockdown experience?
  6. What new capabilities did you or your business add that will stay with you after the lockdown?
  7. How will your work change as people return to their normal routines?
  8. How long will it take to return to normal in your current role?
  9. What will you do more of at work now that you see it works in your personal life?
  10. Will you get more involved in nonprofits and community activities over the coming weeks and months?
  11. How will your life or career change as a result of what you learned about yourself and others?

#Digiblogchat questions April 21, 2020

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The topic for April 21, 2020 is the “Great DigiBlogChat Quiz! #digiblogchat 

Q1. Who are your hosts for #digiblogchat ?

Q2. When did #digiblogchat first occur?

Q3. What are the main topics of focus for #digiblogchat ?

Q4. How do you get to be a guest host on #digiblogchat ?

Q5.  What is the record reach for a #digiblogchat ?

Q6. What is your favourite discussion theme on #digiblogchat ?

Q7. Which regulars on  #digiblogchat have written books and what are they?

Q8. What has been the best piece of learning you have found through #digiblogchat ?

Q9. Where would you rank the #digiblogchat against other chats?

Q10. What could we do differently on  #digiblogchat and why?

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