How to Join #DigiBlogChat Twitter Chat

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What is #DigiBlogChat?

#DigiBlogChat is a chat on Twitter about social media, blogging, privacy concerns, and many other digital topics. #DigiBlogChat is every Tuesday from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Twitter.  My partner on the #DigiBlogChat is Larry (@LazBlazter on Twitter). It’s free to join. Although this post is about how to join #DigiBlogChat, you could join any other chat using the same procedure. Here are some tips for you.

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Mark Your Calendar

I try to start exactly on time and respect the time of our followers. Also, if you’d like a reminder about the chat, send me a DM on Twitter and you’ll get a reminder early Monday or Tuesday morning.

Search for the Hashtag

Once you’re on Twitter, search for the hashtag. You can join the chat right on Twitter, if you like.

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Look for the Questions

After a few minutes of saying hello, you’ll see the first question. Questions are labelled Q1, Q2, Q3, and so on. When you answer, use A1, A2, A3, etcetera.

Add the Hashtag

Make sure you add the #DigiBlogChat hashtag when you tweet so others can see your tweets. You can also add a column in HootSuite so you can see all the tweets.

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Use TweetChat or

An easy way to add the hashtag is to get on or Tweetchat, where the hashtag is automagically added to your tweet. That way you can focus on your answers and type a little less!

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TweetChats Move Quickly!

You may feel overwhelmed when you first follow any chat. If it’s too much for you, you may want to lurk until you get the hang of it. When you introduce yourself, you may also want to mention that it’s your first chat. Most moderators will try to include you (unless it’s a huge chat, where you may feel lost when you join).

Chat Rules

Most chat moderators frown upon blatant self-promotion. However, there are exceptions. For instance, if you just wrote a blog post directly related to the topic, you might want to ask the moderator if it’s ok to tweet. The other big rule is not to bully anyone or you may get kicked off.

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Tweet a Little or Tweet a Lot

There is a huge variation as to how much people tweet during a chat. Most of us tweet more during a chat than at any other time. You may want to warn your followers that you’re joining a chat. If you want to be a really good guest, you might like: How to Excel as a Twitter Chat Guest: 10 Best Ways.

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Reach out to me on Twitter @Carol_Stephen. Or leave a comment here. Thank you.


  1. Hi Carol – i will join you in 2 mins. Finola

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