Who Are You Writing for? Target Audience and Social Media

Who Are You Writing for? Target Audience and Social Mediaconcert photo

Depending upon who your target audience is, your content and voice will change. This holds true whether you’re writing a brochure, a Craigslist ad, or a blog post. Without some idea of the person you want to reach, you’re not going to get very far with your social media posts.

Pain Points

What problems cause your target audience pain, and how can you address those pain points? For instance, my target audience often does not have time to do their own social media or blogging. That’s where I come in.

Track your most engaged customers’ ages, locations, interests, and behaviors using a tool such as Google Analytics. Tony Delmercado, co-founder and COO of Hawke Media suggests in How to Use Your Audience’s Pain Points to Grow Your Business.


How will you solve your potential client’s problems? And what kind of language does your client use? Using your client’s language will go a long way towards having them choose to work with you. If you want to know more about your audience and their language, you might like this article: Audience: Use Their Language.


What hobbies or interests does your target audience have? What is their age, income level, and gender? What else do you need to know about your ideal client? Creating a profile of your ideal client–the person in the center of that bullseye–can really help. Hubspot has a good article on How to Create an Ideal Client Profile.

Where Does Your Audience Hang Out?

Not everyone is on every social media platform. If your client is interested in business-to-business, for instance, they might do well on LinkedIn, but probably not so much on Pinterest. If your client sells jewelry or carved wooden artwork, then Pinterest might be their best bet. For more about audience, you might like Using Surveys to Define Your Audience.

How Do You Ensure Your Audience Will Hear You?

Do you change what you say so that your audience will really listen? How so? Leave me a comment! And thank you!



  1. Dyane Harwood says

    Another awesome post, my dear!

    I used my blog primarily for venting and for therapy than for book marketing! I let my followers know I was writing a book and hoped they’d spread the word and buy it, but the main reason I had my blog was for friendship, venting, and getting advice from my readers!!!! (And some educational info. too about bipolar/postpartum bipolar.)

    I miss it but I don’t have the time/energy it takes to blog properly right now—as you know, to be a good blogger means you don’t just vent – you read other blogs, comment, engage.

    Are you going to write a post about your new book, hint hint????
    (I’m very subtle!)

    p.s. nice picture of the violinist!

    • Hello there, Dyane!

      I wouldn’t have thought you were venting on your blog posts. Friendship is an awesome reason for having a blog. And I’ve learned a lot about bipolar from your posts, too.

      I know what you mean about having the time and energy. Blogging is a commitment of time and energy. And you’re really good about commenting on other blogs, too. (Not just this one, either!)

      That’s a good idea about writing a post about the book! Thank you for the idea.

      I didn’t take the photo of the violinist, but thank you! :D

      See you around the block, my friend!

  2. Good question. It depends on where. FB is more fun. LinkedIn is more professional – although I still just emojis. Google+ is goodbye. Pinterest was my favorite until Instagram came along.

    • Hi Vicki!
      Instagram has really been hot lately, hasn’t it? And Pinterest is fun, too! Facebook seems like it’s for people I’ve already known. Twitter is where I meet the most people.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Carol,
    I’m narrowing it down to Pinterest and Instagram. Even on Instagram I’m not seeing good analytics.
    I used to love Twitter but analytics aren’t friendly for me there.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Pinterest and Instagram are two of my favorites. Pinterest keeps getting better and better. Lately, Twitter’s analytics seem like they’re “broken” a lot of the time! Has it been like that for you, too?

      • Yes, I do think within the last week I noticed a huge drop-off on Twitter analytics. I did drop to four scheduled posts a day but always go there once a day to check and comment on people’s tweets. Hopefully it will return to normal.

        • Hi Patricia,

          The analytics have been off for awhile for me (on Twitter). Hopefully, they’ll return to normal soon! You seem pretty active on Twitter–lots of times I’m on and see that you’re live, too. :D
          Thanks for all the comment love!


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