Best Ways to Reinvent Yourself

If you’re considering reinventing yourself, the good news is that things change. People move, friends act differently, and even climate change changes us. Your circumstances have probably changed, and you may be thinking about a new career. Or you may want to try on a new hobby.

Quarterly reviews

One of the best ways I’ve discovered to look at yourself is to do a quarterly review. What worked and what didn’t? What would you like to do going forward? Is there something that fell off your calendar or your radar? And make no mistake, doing a self-review will make you a better writer and blogger. I’ve written about improving your blogging here: How to become a better blogger: quick and easy ways.

Self-awareness is the key to reinvent yourself

If you’re not already journaling, or keeping track of your reactions to the world, a journal is a very good way to gain self awareness. Some of my best Aha! moments have been discovered through journaling. And a journal doesn’t need to be about your personal life. You may also want to journal about your career or work life. In Wikhow’s article, How to Start a Journal, Nicolette Tura describes how to get started: “Write about what you felt today. Pour your joys, your frustrations, and your goals into the journal. Use the act of writing as a way to explore your feelings.”

Unplanned changes

Recently, there have been a lot of unplanned power outages where I live. So of course everyone has had to adjust to these outages. Unplanned changes change our views of ourselves, too. Do we continue to live the same way? Or do we suddenly have to plan for possibly having no power? In my case, I opted for a back-up power supply. You may want to use time management to get that to-do list under control. Perhaps this will help: Best Social Media Time Management Apps and Tools.

How long does it take to reinvent yourself?

That depends upon how thorough a job you want to do. If you’re simply reinventing the way you look, maybe redoing your wardrobe and hair, that could be done much more quickly than, say, changing your career and getting a new credential. In his 15 Steps I Took to Successfully Reinvent Myself After Losing Everything, John Rampton describes attaching yourself to the right people, learning, and finding a mentor. He also mentions that “Reinvention is a process that could take years.”

How to reinvent yourself professionally

Of course, reinventing yourself professionally is much different than reinventing yourself physically. You’ve all seen those images on the interwebs of people who want to actually look like a Barbie doll. A professional reinvention is much easier, and the pain is, well, different. You’ll want to explore your interests, create a bucket list, and recognize all the resistance you’ll receive–from yourself as well as others. Then again, changing yourself could be a lot of fun if you’re interested in the journey! Have you ever gone through a professional change? How did you start?




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