How to Become a Better Blogger: Quick and Easy Ways

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Maybe you’ve thought that you want to become a better blogger. You’ve considered blogging, or maybe you’re an occasional blogger. Either way, there are always ways to improve (and I’m no exception). Every day, someone will say something that resonates. Take those tiny lessons from the things that resonate with you, put them into action, and you (or I) will improve for sure.

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Read Other Bloggers

There are so many great blogs out there. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Bridget Willard’s blog: Bridget is the one who encouraged me to blog. Besides that, though, she’s always learning and growing. And she’s a terrific person, too.
  • Randy Clark’s blog. Randy Clark writes a lot, and is the author of How to Stay Ahead of Your Business Blog Forever (highly recommended!). He’s written three other books that I know of.
  • Mitch Mitchell has been blogging and vlogging for years. He’s entertaining and educational. In fact, Mitch writes about blogging, too!
  • Patricia Phillips of The Aspen Stand, a kind and generous friend.

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Listen to Podcasts

You may also get ideas when you listen to podcasts. Even if the podcasts you listen to aren’t strictly business oriented, you’ll get ideas when you listen. Right now, I’m enjoying Hardcore History, which is a deep dive into the history of World Wars I and II. Dan Carlin is a damn good talker, as one review of his long-form podcasts mentioned. Each episode is hours long, which you think you can’t listen to, but his passion and storytelling make for fascinating listening.

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Write Every Day

If you like to write with other people, you might join a movement, such as NaNoWriteMo, where writers encourage other writers during the month of November. You might also give yourself a deadline, or a specific number of words to write each day, or a dedicated time to write. For me, I work in 15-minute increments, because anyone can do something for 15 minutes, right? Usually that 15 minutes turns into 30 or 45 minutes because the hardest part of writing is just getting started. The important thing is not to wait for inspiration, because you might be waiting forever. You might also like How-to secrets to blogging for your success.

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Blackmail Yourself

Awhile back, there was a guy who suggested blackmailing yourself by giving yourself a deadline. He mentioned giving someone else some money which would go to an unsavory cause if you failed. Now that’s one way to do it, especially if you prefer the stick approach over the carrot approach. Me, I’d rather have a carrot than a stick any day. If anyone else can remember his name, I’d be interested.

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Your Seat in the Seat of the Chair

Putting your seat in the seat of the chair is the number one tip for getting better as a writer. Whatever slogan helps you get there (“Just Do it!” comes to mind) is the one to use. Tenacity and diligence are the two things that will help you improve your writing the most. Unless you have a secret, that is. Do you have a secret for improving your writing?


  1. Thank You, Carol.
    I’m honored to be listed among your other favorites. I have learned so much by reading your blogs and others you have recommended.

    Thanks for the information about the WWI and WWII podcast. I will recommend it to my husband who is a big study of those wars.


    • Hi Patricia,

      I value your support and your friendship. It means a lot to me!
      I hope your husband likes the podcast. So far, it’s been fascinating. Let me know what he thinks.


  2. Thank you Carol, I’m honored to be included in this group!


    Great post with effective tips to become a better blogger. I really like the post and especially the tips that you have included, whereas your all the suggested tips are helpful to become a better blogger.

    Reading the blogs of other great bloggers will helps a lot and also helps to gain information, knowledge and ideas. Listening to the podcasts and writing everyday will be helpful, whereas writing everyday will improves the writing ability. Blackmailing ourself is really a good tip and a challenging one, as it helps to become more better at blogging. Your all the suggested tips are effective and works well for becoming a better blogger but i truly like an idea of Blackmailing ourself, writing everyday, read other bloggers and listeon to podcasts. As adopting tips will be helpful and will helps many users, people & readers to become a better blogger.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Aadarsh,
      Thank you for your comments. I heard the blackmailing idea years ago, but couldn’t find the source. Some people react better to a “carrot approach,” and some people would rather be scared. The guy who wrote about the blackmail gave money to his friend. If he didn’t achieve his goal, his friend had to give the money to a racist organization. That motivated him more than a reward did.

      Thanks for your comments,

  4. I always love when I make lists; thanks for your graciousness Carol!

    As for the “guy” who wrote about blackmailing himself, turns out lots of people have written articles along the same line. Yet, the guy who did it first, in 2012, is Joel Runyon here:

    I’m all about helping people become better bloggers; part of this is what I live for! ;-)

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