Best Social Media Time Management Apps and Tools

As I write these words in 2022, a lot of new time management apps and tools have come onto the market. So I thought I’d address these and also look backward at some classic tips to help you manage your time on social media. First, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Quit social media

Of course, the B.I.G. elephant in the room if you really want to save time is to quit social media. Delete your Facebook, get off Twitter, and for gosh sakes alive, stop scrolling on TikTok and Instagram. But is that really going to happen? Probably not! Although some of my friends have successfully deleted their Facebook accounts. And they seem happy to have done so. But for the rest of us who are still scrolling and happily liking, reposting, and sharing all over online, maybe not so much.

Limit your time online

This is a big one. And if you can get offline at least one day a week or better still, for the weekend, that’s a great way to guard your time and life. By the way, I’ve talked about time management and social media before: In a Hurry? Time Management for the Busy Professional.

Apps for social media time management

I love to use NokoTime to manage my time so I don’t go overboard and end up down a rabbit hole. NokoTime allows me to watch the clock. NokoTime isn’t free, but it does offer analysis, reports, and much more. Another good one is Toggl Track. Toggle has a free version and also different levels of support for their paid versions.

Use a password manager

I like Dashlane, but there are others, such as LastPass that you might like better. What do I like about Dashlane? You can see all your passwords, plus save notes, create passwords, and they’ll also sync across devices. Having your passwords saved saves you time when you’re racing around the internet, logging into all your 5,000,000 social media accounts. And also Dashlane will tell you when a password is weak and should be changed. It also monitors your information on the dark web.

Use schedulers to help with your social media time management

I’m not saying to use schedulers instead of being online, but in addition to being online and engaging. Yes, schedulers are still controversial, but they’re not going away any time soon. What are the best ones? Tailwind is a good one if you’re just starting out and want to post on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. There’s a free version you can try out. For Twitter, an old favorite is Tweetdeck, which I recently used to do some scheduling. You can also schedule right on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, which is free. Buffer also has a free version for a single user. It doesn’t include analytics, but you can get analytics through the platforms themselves.





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