How to Maintain Your Humor During Difficult Times

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Have you felt a little depressed and anxious lately? Welcome to the club! It’s a pretty big club, and nobody wants to be the president. In fact, nobody wants to be in the club. People would much rather pretend they weren’t in the club. Some would prefer that no such club existed. But exist it does.

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Realize You’re Not Helping by Adding to the Hand-Wringing

There are already plenty of Chicken Littles, running around squawking about the sky falling. One of the big issues is nobody knows what’s going to happen. The science isn’t all in yet. We get plenty of new stories every day. It’s all anyone is talking about, actually. Nobody thinks the virus is going away any time soon, but complaints about being bored really don’t help. What to do instead? Post inspirational photos and messages. For instance, have you seen the posts that Arnold Schwarzenegger is making, with him and his mini-horses (“fueling up with Whiskey and Lulu?”) Some may say they’re tone-deaf, but I think they’re wonderful.

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Don’t Repeat Rumors

There are so many rumors right now. And the hoaxes and conspiracy theories are everywhere! Social media amplifies the craziest rumors and theories, with people believing they’re real. Please check with Snopes or the World Health Organization or some other legit source. Also, you probably don’t want to overshare right now. More about Oversharing. What to do instead? Tell the truth in as clear and succinct a way as possible. There’s already enough chaos!

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Stay Away from Stories

That is, making up a weird story about what’s happening doesn’t help anything or anyone. Saying it’s the end of the world, even if you think Armageddon is here, just adds to the confusion.

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Unless They’re Funny Stories

On the other hand, gentle humor, pictures of your cat, and National Puppy Day are all perfectly legit right now. It seems like we’re all balancing the extreme seriousness of the situation with sillier-than-normal memes, videos, and stories. If you need a list of Hashtag Holidays, SproutSocial has a pretty good one. And maybe you’re making up your own holidays, too.

How Are You Dealing with These End Times?

I’m joking! But really, if you’re staying at home, how are you keeping your sanity? Let me know with a comment!

How to Avoid Bad News on Social Media and Keep Your Sanity

How to Avoid Bad News on Social Media and Keep Your Sanity

How to Avoid Bad News on Social Media and Keep Your Sanity

Those of you on social media know that being there too much can almost make you have ADHD. Here a squirrel, there a squirrel, everywhere a squirrel squirrel. Am I right? Oh, look! A squirrel! Seriously, though, how do you keep the omnipresent bad news at bay? Here are some ideas.

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Use Lists

Vigorously maintain your lists in Twitter. Do not enter the mainstream every day, for that way madness lies. Clip unwanted accounts in your lists, like you would trim the unwanted branches of your beloved shrubberies. Chop out those on your lists with tweets you don’t like, and look for others you do like. You may want to take a deeper dive into using lists.

Hide Posts

Yes, you can hide posts in Facebook. You are not obligated to follow everyone’s sad, crazy story of how they were once beholden to the circus, forced to eat Spam, or nearly drowned that one time in Buenos Aires. Really. For some clues on when to do what, here’s a post about how to unfollow a friend without unfriending.


Sometimes you need to unfollow people. If they always post bad news, if they badmouth others, if they sell sell sell! Those are good reasons to unfollow. You may have others. Also, if they haven’t posted since 1999, that’s a good reason, too. Why are you following them? And here is one of my favorite posts from friend Bridget Willard about your “safe place” on social media.

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Get Outside

We all need a break from social media. Take a break every hour, two hours, or whenever you need it. Don’t follow someone else’s rules. Take a day or a weekend off. Heck, take a week off if you can! When you return, everything will look fresh.

Post Less, Curate More

Maybe you could simply post less, but better stuff. Some accounts seem to post everything they find, rather than what’s perfect for their audience. If you curate, only the very best will get through your filter.

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Focus on the Good News

There are some places that publish good news. Here are some of the best:

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How Do You Avoid the Bad News?

Do you have the skin of a rhino? Does bad news roll off you like water off a duck? Leave me a comment! I’d love to know!


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