When You Should Be Serious About Social Media Automation

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Some people get really riled about those who automate their social media. People seem to either love or hate automation, with no gray area at all. So the question is should you automate? And if you do, how much should you automate? Also, who and when and…the list of questions goes on and on. Here are some times and people who should be serious about social media automation. By the way, you might enjoy this article: How to automate your social media without looking like a jack*.

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If You Have a Small Business

Small business owners can’t be online 24/7. They have a business to run, after all. While checking in doesn’t take very long, it can disrupt your attention for that five minutes you’re checking Twitter. And often, you forget why you’re there and off you go down the rabbit hole. An hour later, you’ve lost three customers and forgotten about a conference call you were supposed to attend. It’s important to be there, but also important not to get distracted.

If You Want Your Business to Grow

As outlined in The Complete Guide to Social Media for Small Business, “the number of social users willing to buy from you skyrockets if you use social media not just for publishing, but for actually engaging with your social media audience.” 57.5% of people are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. That’s a huge number. Gone are the days when businesses could get away with not being on social media.

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If You Have Any Kind of Business

Everyone is busy, and everyone has multiple things to check off their to-do list. Larger companies need automation, too. There are some larger companies that can afford to have someone manning their social media all day long, but chances are even they have other duties. When I talk to people at medium-sized companies, their duties often include many non-social media responsibilities, too.

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If Your Time Is Valuable

Some people enjoy hanging out on social media all day long. Are you one of them, though? If not, you may want to consider automating and outsourcing your social media. Most of us have other things to do. Although if you don’t want to be on social media at all, you might consider hiring someone. Speaking of which, here’s an article for you: For Better Social Media Results, Focus on Engagement.

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Which Camp Do You Fall Into?

Are you someone who is against automation? Where do you stand? For myself, I think a combination of automation and engagement is really important. Use automation to post when you can’t be online, but don’t forget to also engage with your audience.

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  1. I don’t mind automation as much as being irritated by its excesses. For instance, I always hated when I’d connect with someone on Twitter and immediately received an automated response in my direct messages. I always immediately removed that person as a connection because my profile says no auto DM’s.

    I’m also not crazy about people who seem to have a new posting on Twitter every couple of minutes 24/7. There’s no way they have time to engage with anyone, and for the most part I notice they don’t even try. Social media’s supposed to help engagement, not become a networking group you push your business cards on without asking people anything about themselves; at least that’s how I see it.

    • Hi Mitch, I remember seeing on your Twitter profile how you’d disconnect from people who sent you DMs. I totally get that. I think I can count on one hand the truly effective direct messages I’ve ever seen on Twitter.

      Yes, on the people who overpost on Twitter. That’s possible to do, but it takes effort! lol. Just broadcasting all the time is no way to have a conversation ever. It’s support to be SOCIAL, right? I’d much rather be connected to someone who engaged with me. The big news channels mostly go onto lists, rather than get followed.

      That said, you’re one of the best at engagement. Thanks for always being there and paying attention. You are appreciated.


  2. Hi Carol,
    I definitely use automation. i have time set aside for updating each week to stay ahead of it all. I do take time to engage with folks on Twitter and Instagram. Since we are considering Pinterest as a “search engine” I really don’t engage there but I also don’t see any engagement there so I don’t feel badly.
    I don’t automate on FB but I don’t post much there.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Some days it’s difficult to stay on top of everything plus run a business and I’d say you’re doing an excellent job! Twitter and Instagram are the easiest places to stay engaged for many. Yes, Pinterest is more a place for people to find things and projects, too.
      Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!

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