TweetChats: How to Participate

TweetChats: How to Participate

TweetChats: How to Participate

Getting the Most from a TweetChat

You’ve been invited to a tweetchat and, full of enthusiasm, you say yes without fully realizing what you’ve committed yourself to. After all, how difficult could it be, right? Actually, this is one of those times when you can do a Happy Twitter Dance because TweetChats are fun and easy to learn! You can easily participate in a TweetChat, with the help of a few tools (not necessarily a Weedwacker). As my ol’ granpappy used to say “Never bring more than one Weedwacker to a TweetChat. But I digress.

Each TweetChat Has Its Own Hashtag

For instance #DogFriendlyChat or my friend Amy Donohue’s #KidneyChat. Hashtags help to organize chats. If you need to know how not to use hashtags, here you go!

The Day or Week Before the Chat

A chat’s creator will often create and post questions so that you can prepare for that chat. For instance, Bridget Willard holds #ConstChat for Riggins Construction, and tells people the questions ahead of time. In last week’s #ConstChat, we chatted about insulation. This gave everyone lots of time to study the questions about insulation and prepare ahead of time if they wanted to. Bridget has created a really neat Tagboard for #ConstChat.

Prepare Ahead…or Not!

You can prepare answers to the questions ahead of time and for extra super-duper bonus points, you can even put your answers into a file which you can then cut and paste during the chat itself. But for the most fun during a chat, why not be spontaneous and interact with the others in the chat? When it’s your first chat, or maybe any time, maybe it’s fun to just be spontaneous.

Whether you decide to be spontaneous or prepare ahead of time, so long as you follow some basic etiquette, you’ll be fine. Don’t talk about the heartbreak of psoriasis, unless you’re on #PsoriasisChat, for instance.

Five Minutes Before a TweetChat

Log into using your Twitter account. Get a cup of coffee or water, and take a deep breath. automagically adds in the hashtag for you, so you don’t have to think about. It aggregates all the tweets with the hashtag for you, making the chat extra easy. Another benefit is that you can slow down the stream using It’s really a great tool. There are other third-party apps to help you, but TweetChat has been the most reliable for me.

During the Chat

The most important tools you’ll need during a TweetChat are your ears and eyes. Watch what everyone else is saying and have a discussion, be engaging, be funny, or entertaining. Everyone will have a much better time if you’re not too serious. Retweet others, have fun, and talk to everyone.

Follow Others

Follow Others After a TweetChat

Follow Others After a TweetChat

One of the biggest benefits of being in a TweetChat is to gain high-quality followers. So join TweetChats that are important to you as a brand and that will help you grow your business. If you have a new interest or your business is growing, seek out a TweetChat related to your new interests. You’ll meet other like-minded people to follow and connect with.

After the Chat

I like to add people to a list if the chat is one I regularly attend. For instance, Larry Mount (and me will be starting #DigiBlogChat today, Tuesday August 5th at 1:00 pm pdt. So I’ll start a list called DigiBlogChat within Twitter. You can read my previous post about how to use Twitter lists (for the power user). You can create a list even if you’re a participant. Or, subscribe to someone else’s list (why reinvent the wheel?).

Keep track of those you’ve met virtually in the chat through your own or others’ lists. Engage with them, retweet them, and check up on them regularly.

Please Participate in #DigiBlogChat!

Please drop in some Tuesday and visit! It will be loads of fun!




  1. Thanks for including #ConstChat in this. Yes. I’m with you. I love TweetChat.

    These are good tips, too. Adding people to a list is a great idea to keep the engagement with those folks going all week long.

    • Thank you for having such a great chat. You do a fab job with #ConstChat. I love having the questions ahead of time. We may do that with #DigiBlogChat as well.

  2. Great information here! TweetChats can get confusing :-)

  3. I”ve only been participating in Twitter Chats for a few months, so this is great info. I really like TweetChat because it does auto-magically add the hashtag to your tweet. The list idea is GREAT! I”ll be implementing that. Thanks, Carol.

  4. Hi Tess,
    Lists are such an underutilized aspect of Twitter. They really make your life a lot easier. I love having lists for all different groups of people. Tweetchats aren’t difficult, but there are lots of little details that can make them easier.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks again for the helpful information Carol. I had some great laughs on the last #DigiBlogChat. I also had not thought of subscribing to someone’s list rather than reinventing the wheel. Good to know.

    • Hi Patricia,
      You’re welcome. Wasn’t that chat fun? I put everyone from #DigiBlogChat on a list in case you forget who’s on it. Lists are my only hope on Twitter. Otherwise, I’d drown in tweets! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful write up and details Carol. So appreciated. Also, I learned that Bridget is a chat guru too! OMG, I had no idea. We are Twitter pals but did not partake in the chats! I will pay more attention now!

    • Hi Linda,

      Of course! You’re welcome. Bridget publishes the questions ahead of time, and she does a synopsis afterwards, too. I don’t do those things. Her chat is Thursday mornings at 9 am (I’m on there, too, for WindowWorksCA).

      Thanks for the comment,

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