This Could Be So Much More Awesome

This Could Be So Much More Awesome

This Could Be So Much More Awesome

Lately, I’ve been thinking about perfectionism and how big a problem it is to many of us. Getting started is the worst problem for me, and maybe for you as well. How do you avoid perfectionism, though? Is there any way to get out there without being so worried about every little thing you say online? Of course there is! Being less of a perfectionist can also be something improving your productivity.

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It’s such a cliché, isn’t it? Just be happy. And don’t worry! It’s one thing to think that, and another to truly believe it. Not caring about what people think is a tough one. If you only compete with yourself, though, then you can stop worrying about what others think. Oddly, this is a branding question. If you’re really yourself, the people who are attracted to you will really like the real you. Everybody else can go fly a kite!

Shooting Granny Style

Once upon a time way back before 1980, there was a basketball player named Rick Barry. Rick Barry played for the Golden State Warriors who recently choked and let Cleveland kill them in the finals. But I digress. Barry threw underhanded free throws, getting an amazing 90% of them in the basket. Although at the time, Barry was laughed at, his stats prove that he was right. He never cared what others thought. However, not until recently did his style catch on. The point is do what works for YOU.

Not Every Hit Flies out of the Park

To borrow a baseball analogy, sometimes you need a hit that merely connects with the ball. A bunt, if you will. When I’m writing, I’m not always “in the zone,” and being in the zone doesn’t always matter. The important thing is to write consistently. By the way, if you like baseball, you might like: Social Media Managers: How the San Francisco Giants Can Improve Your Game.

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It Could Always Be Better

Isn’t that always the case? Not everything I do is going to be perfect. Not every post will go viral. Keep writing anyway. Keep going anyway. Eventually, you will hit your stride, and be “in the zone.” The stars will be in alignment, and you’ll hit it out of the ballpark. I really like this article: The One Thing You Need to Know to Avoid Perfectionism.

Perfectionist Much?

Let me know in the comments if you struggle with perfectionism. I’d appreciate if you made a spelling error or two, too! Thanks!



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  1. Perfectionism is paralyzing. It’s really that simple. I know that I’m my worst enemy in this case.

    However, there are two forms of perfectionism: internal and external.

    Internal perfectionism is demanding the best from yourself.
    External perfectionism is demanding the best from others — and often can be a form of control and manipulation.

    In the extreme both forms of perfectionism can be toxic.
    Best case, perfectionism makes you ineffective and unproductive.

    I love your advice “write anyway.” I’m trying to live by that more and more.

    • Hi Bridget,

      Yes, perfectionism really is paralyzing. We can never reach perfection. But we can get to “pretty darn good,” and that works! :D

      Thank you for stopping by! I think you’re pretty close to perfect! Way close!


  2. Hi Carol

    I can relate to this. When I started out online, I was so conscious about ‘getting it right’ I would spend ages on every tiny thing, even my blog commenting. I really wanted to represent my brand in the best possible light.

    Now I just type out whatever nonsense comes into my head.

    So far no one’s called me out on it.

    If they do I’ll take your advice.

    I’ll tell them to go fly a kite.

    In a crossfire hurricane.


  3. Hi Clement,

    Blog commenting is an art, and those blog comments do stay up for a long time, so I can really understand being conscious about commenting. Your comment about nonsense made me laugh!

    Yes! Let people fly a kite in a crossfire hurricane! Hah!

    Thanks for commenting,


  4. Hey Carol.

    Great article. Perfection is a double edged sword. I’ve been on both sides of the equation. When I write on my own blogs or site, I’m as free as a bird. When I write on other sites, an hour long post takes days for me. That’s the only time I can acknowledge that perfection keeps me up at night. lol

    But back to my point, perfection can be great and greatly awarded. It can also be a thorn in your side. I don’t know if it’s fair to say there’s a time to strive to be perfect and there’s a time to leave it at the door, but that’s how I feel about it.

    • Hi Richard,
      I like this: “there’s a time to strive to be perfect and there’s a time to leave it at the door…”. Exactly. I’ve become more relaxed after blogging for years, too. So that’s another variable. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Thanks for the encouragement! Yes being a perfectionist can really be a barrier. Its a challenge I’ve always dealt with but I think I’m getting better at being ok with it not being perfect. Thanks sharing your thoughts

    • Hi Justine,

      Sometimes getting it done is more important than getting it perfect! You’re welcome for the post. Thank you for your continued support. I really appreciate it!

      I hope one day we’ll get to meet in person, too!


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