#DigiBlogChat September 12: X and X Pro

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We’re chatting about X and X Pro on #DigiBlogChat | Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

We’re talking about X and X Pro (previously called Tweetdeck) Tuesday! Do join us on Twitter (now “X”) on Tuesday, September 12th at 1:00 pm Pacific for #Digiblogchat! X and X Pro, what do we need now that API access is limited? with @LazBlazter! 

TweetDeck, now called X Pro, allows users to view and customize multiple feeds that update in real time. The platform was acquired by Twitter in 2011 after it became one of the most popular ways for people to access the site. via CNBC.

Tweetdeck now requires a subscription and costs $84 a year. Those users who pay for the subscription will automatically receive a blue checkmark.

Join us each Tuesday from 1:00 through 2:00 p.m. PDT, 10pm CEST (most of W. Europe), 9pm BST + WEST (UK + Portugal), 4pm EDT (Eastern). My partner for these chats is @LazBlazter.  If you need to know how to participate, click here: How to Join #DigiBlogChat. P.S. Don’t forget to add the #digiblogchat hashtag!

Here are the questions:

Q1. What apps did you rely on that have had access to the X (Twitter) API removed? #digiblogchat 

Q2. Have you identified any effective replacements that are free of charges? #digiblogchat 

Q3. Why is the Blue Tick verification worth the money, does X Pro (Tweetdeck) work like it used to? #digiblogchat 

Q4. Is the @elonmusk vision for X moving at a quick enough pace to retain hardcore users? #digiblogchat 

Q5.What one app that you used for X (Twitter) content do you miss the most and why? #digiblogchat 

Q6.Why does X pricing appear to differentiate between user devices and is this fair? #digiblogchat 

Q7. Will you consider alternatives to X and what will trigger the loss of your loyalty? #digiblogchat 

Q8. What features would you like X Pro (Tweetdeck) to develop? #digiblogchat 

Q9. Which social media app is your favourite alternative to X Pro and why? #digiblogchat 

Q10. Would X benefit more from free access to X Pro or by restoring API access? #digiblogchat

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