Is it that Bad to Be Relegated to the Friend Zone?

Is it that Bad to Be Relegated to the Friend Zone?

Is it that Bad to Be Relegated to the Friend Zone?

You’ve all seen those short videos about being relegated to the friend zone. You know–those really sad videos where the person’s face drops like someone just died? But being relegated to the friend zone on social media isn’t really such a bad thing. Actually, being in the zone is an honor and a privilege most of the time. I say most of the time because sometimes your new “friend” is actually a stalker, and not in a good way. However, some would disagree with me. For instance, in this article in Men’s Health, they want to get out of there as fast as possible. But this isn’t that friend zone.

Here are some special privileges that could ensue if you’re in the zone…

In the Friend Zone, you can send and receive DMs or private messages

Even though everyone says NO DMs!!! on their Twitter bios, if you’re in the friend zone, you can definitely send and receive DMs. In fact, many conversations and business deals happen in the DMs. But you have to get to know someone before jumping into their in box.

Image by <a href="">Maike und Björn Bröskamp</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

One Place Where Being Relegated to the Friend Zone is ok| Image by Maike und Björn Bröskamp from Pixabay

Is the Friend Zone permanent?

Yes, unless you do something to really screw up and you’re no longer friends!

Why would you want to accept the Friend Zone?

Many reasons, really. You can meet up in real life. You can get coffee or have a meal together. Maybe if you’re in the same part of the world you can visit. Or you could make plans to meet as a group, as I’ve done several times in real life. But again, you need to know that person a little before you meet up in real life. Being on a chat, like #digiblogchat helps a lot. There are many people on the chat that I’d love to meet in real life. Like Larry Mount, for instance, who’s been the co-pilot for #digiblogchat for years!

You can meet online several times a week

If you’re in the Friend Zone, your friend is just a laptop or phone screen away. They can live in your pocket like a pocket pal. Or you can chat with them during a Twitter chat, or in a private Facebook group. Maybe you’ll travel together across the interwebs, from Facebook to Twitter to TikTok to Instagram. All kinds of things can happen. By the way, if you’d like to join a Twitter chat, here’s how: Five Best Reasons Joining Twitter Chats is a Very Good Idea.

You can attend conferences or zoom calls together

Some of the people I’ve met online I’ve then attended conferences with, and it’s terrific. Of course during the pandemic that didn’t happen–but Zoom calls did happen. Quite often. Maybe sometimes too often. In that case, you could get on a Zoom call and complain about the Friend Zone.



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