How to Make Insanely Slow Times on Social Media Your Best Times



How to make insanely slow times on social media your best times

How to make insanely slow times on social media your best times


There’s no reason to completely give up on your social media during the holidays. Like the gym in December, those quiet times can be the best times to get to know people better. Being the only one in a tweet chat or the only person to comment on a Facebook post ensures that you’ll connect more deeply with whomever else is there. Here are some more ideas.

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Be More Personal

Have you been enjoying all the personal shares and photos of holiday adventures people share during the holidays? Falling snow, unusual gifts, and even desert scenarios are perfect for sharing–and for commenting upon. If sharing personal stories isn’t part of your brand, maybe sharing stories from one of your client successes you would do. For more ideas about marketing during the holidays, you might like: How to Succeed with Social Media During the┬áHolidays.

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Be More Interactive

Comment on other people’s memories and successes. Sometimes people share sad memories during the holidays, so why not show a little compassion and start a conversation with someone going through something you’ve been through yourself? We all know someone who’s having a rough time.

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Don’t Post as Much

You could slow down and not post as often as you usually do. If you’re a blogger, maybe you could put out a post or two that’s very short and to the point, rather than focusing on a longer article.

Slow Down for Winter

Why not take a hint from Mother Nature and let winter dictate a slowing down period, as Carol Venolia suggests in her article Slow Down for Winter? If your social media has slowed down, how has that affected your marketing? Please let me know! Thank you.

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