Can Social Media Be Used for Social Good?

Can Social Media Be Used for Social Good?

Can Social Media Be Used for Social Good?

Of course, you already know the answer to this one: social media can absolutely be used for social good. But here are some examples that are really positive. Because who doesn’t like good news? By the way, here is an article you might like: This Is What I Really Really Love about Social Media.


Animal Rights

Actor Ricky Gervais, while not a huge fan of social media, mentions how animal rights petitions can be signed online, changing things quite quickly. There are countless examples of reversals in policy due to people demanding animal rights. People can quickly collect money for a necessary operation for a beloved pet, and they can post about animals available for adoption online, too. The ASPCA recently showcased an article about the positive effect social media has had on animal shelters and rescues.

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Human Rights

Like animal rights, human rights can be influenced by social media. Take this article from Amnesty International about how social media is transforming human rights monitoring. Since the emergence of social media, elections are being monitored more than ever. Journalists cannot be everywhere at the same time, so citizens tweeting and posting can fact check and witness what is happening around the globe at lightning speed.

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Organ Donation Awareness

During the past ten years or so, organ donation awareness has been mentioned more often, with living donation increased. My good friend Amy Donohue donated her kidney as the result of a tweet she saw. She’s working on “Social Media Stole My Kidney.” And she took a trip across the U.S. to raise awareness. Follow Amy on Facebook.






Land Trusts

One of my favorite ways to use social media for social good is raising awareness. Land trusts can connect with donors, host events where citizen scientists are invited to participate, thank volunteers, and so on. Land trusts help to preserve the places that we love. There are many land trusts all over the country–simply type in land trust and your location to see some local to you. I really like Sempevirens Fund, which protects redwoods near where I live. Do you have a favorite?


Giving Campaigns

Giving campaigns, such as Giving Tuesday, allow nonprofits to establish channels for donations to favorite causes. Giving Tuesday allows nonprofits to discover new donors, as well as raising awareness. Giving Tuesday has been successful largely due to social media.

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