Made up Holidays Social Media Managers Will Absolutely Love

Made up Holidays Social Media Managers Will Absolutely Love

Made up Holidays Social Media Managers Will Absolutely Love

Have you noticed there are more and more holidays these days, each one of them more ridiculous than the last? So I figured, why not a few for social media managers (“SMMs”)? After all, we’re the unsung heroes and heroines of the internet. Cats get all the credit, and of course, it was they who invented the internet. But we SMMs do have to wrangle with people each and every day. And no cat would willingly do that. By the way, you might like How to Use Social Media for Holidays.

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Buy a Social Media Manager a Drink Day

Let’s start here. It doesn’t have to be an alcoholic drink, either. It does have to be very, very large, however. And it will need a fruit garnish, too. And maybe an umbrella. Also, an hors┬ád’oeuvre on the side would be nice. Something festive, of course! Since it is a holiday. By the way, Buy a Social Media Manager a Beer Day is a whole separate thing.

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Free Donuts for Social Media Managers

This is actually a weeklong event. Make that a yearlong event. And that includes sprinkles, too. And also, we don’t want to hear any of “you shouldn’t be eating that” or “that isn’t low-carb, is it?” comments during this event. Since it lasts the entire year, that means no mean comments ever!

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Hug Your Social Media Manager Unless They’re an Introvert Day

Oh, too bad! Most social media managers are introverts, so you’re out of luck. The ones who aren’t are the ones who like to make videos of themselves. So that’s only a few of us. And even then, please ask before coming in for a big bear hug.

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Community Manager Appreciation Day

Hey, this one is real! It’s on HubSpot’s blog: The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar. So there. It’s in January every year. By the way, “Just Because Day” seems like a really good idea. It’s August 27th, and if you want more information about Just Because Day, here you go. And we can also celebrate Just Because Day, while we’re at it.

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Celebrate Your Awkward Social Media Moment Day

Don’t we all have these, every day? Or else someone else has them and we happen to be there, witnessing the awkward moment? They’re just as awkward for us, social media managers, as they are for everyone else. It’s just that–we see more of them┬ábecause we’re watching you (and everyone else) on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else you happen to be sharing your awkward moments. Sometimes we even see awkward moments by other social media managers, and that is doubly awkward. So if you’ve had one of those moments, this day is to celebrate your awkwardness! If that sounds like you, you might like How to Deal with Awkward Online Conversations.

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What Holidays Would You Like to See?

Did I forget one or more holidays? Let me know in the comments! And thank you. P.S. Please don’t hug me.




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