For the Love of Chaos: How to Successfully Rebrand Your Startup

For the Love of Chaos: How to Successfully Rebrand Your Startup

For the Love of Chaos: How to Successfully Rebrand Your Startup

So you’re right in the middle of a rebranding effort. The startup where you handle all the social media has decided that the messaging must change. Or you’re still trying to get up to speed and having problems keeping your head above water. How to cope and survive? You might have already read  Startups and Social Media: Six Issues, and are looking for ideas.

Write Everything Down

Before you start working every morning, write down all the things you have to do that day. That might sound silly, but crossing items off your to-do list can make you healthier and happier. 10 minutes dumping everything on paper and then prioritizing what needs to be done can be priceless.

Take it from Those Who’ve Gone Before

Here are three examples of successful rebrandings.


Be like Old Spice ©jeepersmedia

Be Like Old Spice

Consider that Old Spice didn’t change their logo when they rebranded. They changed the experience that users have. And they made the phrase “I’m on a horse” famous. Pretty hilarious for a brand that’s been around 70 years. If you don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, don’t.

harley photo

Rev it Up Like Harley-Davidson

Take it from a brand that’s been around for 95 years, Harley-Davidson “has its feet planted in both the past and the present.” And you can be a fan without even owning a Harley, since fans dropped millions on fanware and meals at their restaurants. (The one in Las Vegas is especially fun, by the way.) And sales have been so great that it can take up to a year to get a Harley. In the meantime, you could get a Harley tattoo, like many of its fans do.

legos photo

Rebuild Block by Block Like Lego

Those little blocks that everyone hates to step on went through a successful rebranding in the late 90s. They used their existing customers to help create content and thus reached out to a younger audience. There was even a Lego movie! So if your customers have an emotional connection to your brand, why not crowdsource some of your content? Rebranding doesn’t have to be as tough as navigating through a stormy sea, so be sure to break it down into manageable “Lego pieces.”

harley photo

Been Through Rebranding?

How was it? Let me know in the comments, below.



Startups: Social Media Chaos

Startups: Social Media Chaos

Startups: Social Media Chaos

When you first heard the word “startup,” you thought there’d be maybe a year or two of work, but not about the crazy, crazy chaos that would be involved. Every day the entire wheel has to be reinvented, and nobody is really sure what they should be doing. The social media is a huge, chaotic mess. Then again, there’s strategy. The “strategy” word brings up thoughts of high school chess club, the Civil War, and business plans. But it’s not nearly that bad, I promise.

Brain Dump

Start out by writing down all the things you can think of doing. Consider organizing those items into categories. These can be very large items. They might be by platform. For instance, “Come up with 12 board names for Pinterest.” Or “Create Facebook posts and images to go with them.”  Can you feel your blood pressure going down as you do this?

Choose a Starting Point

If you’re the social media manager, then you’ll have to do it all, so consider picking a starting point. What is the most important platform for your audience? Start there. If you’re not very social media savvy, LinkedIn is the one that many people feel most comfortable using. Many people also feel comfortable on Facebook, since they use it to connect with friends. Once you have worked that first platform into your schedule, move onto the next one.

Set Aside Time in Your Schedule

For instance, I like to start my day on Twitter. I like to be online tweeting and engaging by 8 am. You might prefer later in the day. And you don’t have to read a bunch of studies ~ to be successful, come up with your own schedule! Your chances of success will be much higher if you balance your own rhythms with your work.


Feel Like You're Drowning?

Feel Like You’re Drowning?

You may have the feeling that you are drowning in too many unmanageable expectations. People may be giving you contradictory instructions, or your team may not give you any hint at what they really want. In that case, you will need to come up with your own expectations and what is reasonable for you.

Have You Emerged from Chaos?

If you’re trying to start a new brand’s social media, I’d love to hear how you handled the pressure!




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