March 19 2024 AI-Assisted #DigiBlogChat Edition

Image by <a href="">Ali Newton</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

AI-Assisted #DigiBlogChat edition is our topic for March 19, 2024| Image by Ali Newton from Pixabay

AI-Assisted #DigiBlogChat edition is our topic for March 19, 2024. @EaPirciu came up with the questions for this week. If you’re curious to know more and join in the fun, jump in for this live chat. Everyone is friendly and you’ll learn something (or teach something if you’re an AI expert).

Join us on Twitter each Tuesday from 1:00 through 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time for #DigiBlogChat. My partner for these chats is @LazBlazter.  If you need to know how to participate, click here: How to Join #DigiBlogChat. P.S. Don’t forget to add the #digiblogchat hashtag!

Here are the questions:

Q1. How does ChatGPT differ from other language models? #digiblogchat 

Q2. Can you give an example of a real-world application of ChatGPT? #digiblogchat 

Q3. How does ChatGPT handle bias and representation in its generated text? #digiblogchat 

Q4. How does one fine-tune ChatGPT for a specific task or industry? #digiblogchat 

Q5. Can you share any tips or best practices for using ChatGPT? #digiblogchat 

Q6. How does ChatGPT handle context in conversation? #digiblogchat 

Q7. What are the ethical considerations when using ChatGPT? #digiblogchat 

Q8. How does the performance of ChatGPT compare with human language generation? #digiblogchat 

Q9. How can one evaluate the quality of text generated by ChatGPT? #digiblogchat 

Q10. In what ways do you think ChatGPT will evolve in the future? #digiblogchat 

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