Social Media Meetups We’d Like to See

Social Media Meetups We'd Like to See

Social Media Meetups We’d Like to See

Have you signed up to get email from If so, then you get a few emails from them every day, showing you some meetups that you’d supposedly be interested in. “20-somethings partying the night away” and “Hikers Who Speak Tagalog” could very well be in the same email.

What’s a Gal to Do? Create her own meetup, of course! Here are some of mine. Feel free to create your own, and then send me an email!

Tweeters Without Washing Machines or Change



We could meet at a public laundromat or any place where we could get change. We could take turns watching each other’s laundry, folding, telling our worst laundry stories, and tweeting. Hashtag: #MismatchedSockExchange

Not a 20-Something

Let’s be frank. We’re tired of Millennials. Let’s get together and not talk about Millennials. They’re not invited. If anyone can figure out how, we’ll make a video about something non-Millennial-related and post it on YouTube. No one will watch it, but still.

Seriously Old School

Do people tell you you're a Luddite?

Do people tell you you’re a Luddite?

Do people tell you you’re “old school” or a Luddite? No, me neither! Do you still have an aol account that you cling to like a security blanket? Do you think Twitter is only for talking about food? Perfect. You have found your people. And when people show up to this meetup, thinking it’s about social media, their phones are taken away, and they get a lecture about the evils of social media.

iCanHazCheeseBurger Meme Lovers

Because how can there be too many pictures of cute cats? Or jokes? Or stories about cats? And yes! You can bring your cats if they have their own carriers. We’ll each share our favorite icanhazcheeseburger meme. And make our own memes.

Overposters Anonymous

When you can’t sleep, you post. You post closeups of your face, your tattoos, your kids, your kids’ butts, you post when you’re drunk and when you’re high. You go to a lot of restaurants and you post pictures of food, perfectly lit. Sometimes you Instagram said pictures. Sometimes you post from Instagram to Facebook or to Twitter. You know who you are. You disrespect underposters.

Those Who Put Tape Over Their Webcam Viewers

Is this you? I didn’t think so. Could be, though. Really? That’s not you? It seems like it could be you. Ok. It’s not you. But you do think there are aliens living among us, right? Thought so.

Is There a Meetup You’d Like to See?

Let me know in the comments! Thanks!



  1. Typewriters Anonymous. HA!
    I just had dinner with friends and right out of the gate she said, “Twitter is a waste of time. I don’t have time for that. It’s just people talking about food.”

    I like the laundry tweetup. Cute idea.

    • Hi Bridget!

      People who’ve never used Twitter always say the thing about food. Honestly, I don’t understand where that idea comes from. Do they get a script in the mail?

      Thanks about the laundry tweetup! Anything could be fun, given the right people…


  2. Dani in NC says

    I like the “Not a 20-Something” idea, especially as it relates to YouTube. My teenagers watch vloggers and web series and I love the idea, but most of the content is aimed at people 20 years younger than I am. I want to watch a vlogger talking about mid-life subjects like trying to get her kids into a good college and wondering if she is putting enough money away for retirement.

    The thing about Twitter being about food is similar to everyone thinking that YouTube is only full of cat videos. It is something that the mainstream media latched onto and everyone repeats it :-p.

    • Hello Dani,
      Maybe vloggers believe that only 20-somethings watch videos, not realizing that many generations are online, watching videos, and if some vloggers focused on a less ageist approach, they’d get a bigger audience. I really do get tired of the focus on 20-somethings in meetups and content generation in general.
      It’s so funny about Twitter and food and YouTube and cat videos!
      Thanks for stopping by to comment. I appreciate that!

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