Eight Scary Halloween Characters You Might See on Twitter

Eight Scary Halloween Characters You Might See on Twitter

Eight Scary Halloween Characters You Might See on Twitter

You may have been wandering around some scary parts of Twitter lately, down some dark, lonely hallways late at night. Here’s what you might find during your travels.

Time to let go, Casper

Time to let go, Casper

The Ghost

Is this person really on Twitter? There were a couple of tweets in the beginning, but there hasn’t been a tweet since last October. This person’s account has passed away, but is still occupying space in the Twittersphere. Time to let go, Casper.

It is possible to kill a vampire

It is possible to kill a vampire

The Vampire

This is a character who feeds on the life force of others, stealing content, following everyone you follow, and making you feel like you’ve got a kid brother all over again. They insert themselves into all your conversations and tend to steal your energy. The good news? It is possible to kill one of these guys!

The Zombie

The zombie retweets your material and you never know why. They follow you, but they are really pretty slow. They may retweet stuff from 2 weeks ago, a lifetime on the internet. They are animated, yet they are still corpses. Do not trust them to babysit your children. When they do speak, they talk about “the Zombie Apocalypse” a lot.

The Werewolf tweets very late at night during the full moon

The Werewolf tweets very late at night during the full moon

The Werewolf

This guy only tweets very late at night during the full moon, when they’re very active. Nothing ever happens during the day for the werewolf. And just when you think they’re completely extinct, one of them wakes up during the day and lets out a grumpy tweet. They may want blood or they may want espresso. It’s difficult to say.

Avoid the Bad Witch or Warlock

Avoid the Bad Witch or Warlock

The Bad Witch or Warlock

This character is just plain mean. He or she pokes fun at other people, and never has anything nice to say. They take everything the wrong way. It’s all about the opposite of the law of attraction with the mean witch. It’s best to stay away from mean witches.

The Mummy

All wrapped up in themselves and only ever broadcasting, everything has to revolve around the mummy. It’s as though they have cotton in their ears because they never seem to listen to anyone else. The Mummy could use some ideas on how to be social.

The Troll loves to cause trouble

The Troll loves to cause trouble

The Troll

The only way to stop trolls is to stop caring about them. They feed on your energy, whether positive or negative. Once they are exposed, they may stop their insults. And on Twitter, you can block or mute them (or report them!).

The Skeleton

The skeleton has no substance. You may see bones, but nothing has been fleshed out. No treats for you, Mr. Skeleton! By the way, here’s a fab article about what the skeletons of famous cartoon characters would look like (no cartoon characters were hurt in the making of the article).

And the scariest of all, and they need no introduction….

The Evil Clown (is there any other kind?!

The Evil Clown (is there any other kind?!

The Evil Clown!

He’s got the red nose and gets all up in your business. He won’t take no for an answer! Booo! Now evil clowns could really use some clues on how to be social!

Seen any strange characters around Twitter? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Jody Yarborough says

    I had no idea Twitter could be so scary! :) I’m sure I will need someone to guide me through to safety :)

    • There are lots of ghouls and goblins out there on Twitter, especially around Halloween! And if you ever need a guide, let me know, Jody! Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it very much.

  2. Carol, I really like how you incorporate the Halloween theme. Also, I see a lot of ghosts and mummies on Twitter. Have a Happy Halloween!! -AJ

  3. Awesome post. And the mean witch has her sidekick the Troll, looking to cause trouble for any reason.

  4. Hilarious. You’re a great writer. All true.

  5. As “the werewolf”, yes, that is really me there :-), I am usually too buzy during the full moon to tweet anything. What am I doing during the full moon? Mostly getting my fur red. ;-)


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