Six Facts About Introverts and Social Media That Will Impress Your Friends

Six Facts About Introverts and Social Media That Will Impress Your Friends

On #DigiBlogChat this week, my Twitter chat (along with @LazBlazter) about new technology and blogging, some of the participants started a side conversation about introverts and how well they do with writing, and that led to a discussion of social media. As a result of that chat, I decided to write this post. Many of these facts have been taken from Susan Cain’s wonderful book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” Susan Cain’s TED talk is wonderful, if you haven’t heard it yet. And by the way, one of these facts is not a fact. See if you can spot it!

Six Facts About Introverts and Social Media That Will Impress Your Friends

Six Facts About Introverts and Social Media That Will Impress Your Friends

Introverts Need Alone Time

Now, not all introverts are writers, but having and enjoying more alone time means that introverts can spend the extra time focused on their writing, or go out into nature for inspiration. Part of being a good social media or content provider means that you must write. So just by having that extra time, introverts can easily use it to recharge through their writing. And enjoy the time alone.

One-Third of the World’s Population is Introverted

In an article in Time Magazine featuring Susan Cain, the author discusses the introvert revolution (the website, ironically, starts playing a loud video), and how it tapped a nerve. With one-third of the population being introverted, is it any wonder that the popularity of social media is growing? All of us introverts (myself included) need a place to express ourselves with as loud a “voice” as those extroverts. Social media allows us that forum.

Al Gore and Warren Buffet Are Introverts

Along with Charles Darwin, J. K. Rowling, Mahatma Gandhi, Google’s Larry Page, and at least a third of the world, who prefer listening to speaking, who think before acting, and who speak softly and maybe don’t want to carry a big stick. So would it surprise you to know that introverts can be such naturals on social media since they like to think long and hard on things? While parties and small talk may be like torture for introverts, writing a social media headline or creating a blog piece are not nearly as difficult.

In a Gentle Way, You Can Shake the World. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

In a Gentle Way, You Can Shake the World. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Introverts Are Not More Intelligent Than Extroverts

Unfortunately, introverts would like to say this is true. However, being introverted does not automagically make you a better or deeper thinker. However, introverts are more cautious as a general rule, and they like to listen more. If you haven’t read my post on the five hidden benefits of listening, by the way, you might want to. This caution can lead to slower decisions during social media disasters, which seem to happen quite often.

Introverts Love the Internet and Cats More Than Extroverts

Secretly, or not so secretly, introverts love cats. Introverts also love the Internet. And since the internet was invented by cats (not Al Gore, although he is an introvert), introverts of course have the edge with social media.

Introverts Don’t Care So Much If You Like Them

Introverts don’t care so much what you think about that post on Twitter or Facebook. This attitude may translate into a more interesting and honest post, headline, or article. An introvert will have their opinion and doesn’t need to be validated as often as an extrovert. And that is impressive!



  1. Because we analyze more, I wonder if introverts have a higher emotional intelligence than extroverts.

    • Bridget, you make a good point. I couldn’t find anything after a short search on Google about a link between higher emotional intelligence. One article said that intelligence went along with introversion, but I couldn’t see any study to back it up.
      Thank you for the note.

  2. It’s true, introverts understand the Internet better because they spend more time there—easier to plan your social interaction online and avoid embarrassing social mistakes.

    • Hi Adam,
      And introverts don’t like to charge into things, so being on the internet and social media is a good fit. It’s like a filter between us and the outside world. Thanks for the comment.

  3. This is such an interesting article. I must be half introverted because I fit some of these points spot on, and others are a semi-description of me. Thanks for making me go “Hmmm.”

    • Hi Tess,
      You must be well balanced between introversion and extroversion. Not everyone falls squarely into being an introvert or an extrovert!
      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Did anyone else answer this?

    “And by the way, one of these facts is not a fact. See if you can spot it!”

    The internet WAS invented by cats, but I think you disagree with that obvious truth, and
    you posted it here as the fact “that is not a fact.”

    Did I get it?

    p.s. another great post! Of course!

    • Hi Dyane,

      I think those other introverts wriggled out of answering that very important question about the internet and cats! Obviously it wasn’t Al Gore, so that only leaves cats!

      Thank you for your ongoing support. You are awesome!!



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