How to Keep Your Content Fresh: Innovative Ways, Part Two

How to Keep Your Content Fresh: Innovative Ways, Part Two

How to Keep Your Content Fresh: Innovative Ways, Part Two

Once I started writing about how to keep content fresh, it seems that I couldn’t stop. Before we dive into these ideas, you might like to read Part One. Here’s part two.

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Use Quizzes and Polls

There are so many controversial topics right now that a quiz or poll could really help you figure out what your audience (or at least your friends) are thinking. You could ask them about Facebook and their privacy concerns, for instance. Have your friends shifted their social media strategies? Are they spending more time in other places online? That could be the basis for an interesting post or piece of content. Here’s a Wiki on how to create polls on Facebook.

Mind Mapping Is One Way to Find Fresh Content

Mind Mapping Is One Way to Find Fresh Content

Mindmap or Brainstorm Ideas

Mind mapping¬†is a wonderful tool, and you can find software to help you. Or you could just get a big sheet of paper and some pencils, and get started! You’d be surprised at what starts to appear in your mindmap.

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Think Like Your Audience

What do you honestly think your audience cares about? Probably not the same things that you care about! For instance, my audience cares about time and money. And ROI (return on investment). Those are the questions that everyone asks. One idea (that I found while online) is Random Affinities.

Random Affinities

Moz has a wonderful article about growing your business with random affinities. You can use Google search, Amazon, or even Facebook ads to find out what a particular audience might be interested in. For instance, start a Google search for “are yurts” and then see what Google suggests. If you’re writing about a boring topic (not that yurts are boring!) this could help. A lot. I tried doing the search and Google guesses at the rest of the sentence.

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Try a Different Format

If you’ve been blogging, try a video blog or podcasting. The process of learning the new format might be more work, but it could also be a lot of fun. In addition, you might attract a whole different audience!

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Use Gamification

You can gamify just about anything. Give yourself points for starting, for progress, and for finishing a project. You might like this post about the Gamification of Social Media.

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Let Someone Else Write

Too busy to write? Let someone else write for you! If you don’t know of anyone, I do (that would be me!). Send me an email if you’re looking for someone to help write your blog posts!


  1. I love having guest writers. It helps quite a bit. And I brainstorm with you and Robert Nissenbaum of Tactical Social Media, too.

    • Guest writers can be very helpful, not to mention that they can come up with fresh ideas. I love brainstorming with you! Haven’t yet brainstormed with Robert yet, but maybe in the future.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bridget!


  2. Hi Carol,

    You are great at keeping me on my toes thinking about fresh ideas.
    I like the “Random Affinities”. I will check out that post you linked too.
    Always thankful for your expertise.


    • Hi Patricia,

      Thank you and I’m glad to help you stay on your toes with fresh ideas. I learn a lot while doing research for blog posts, and that’s one reason I write.

      The random affinities are really interesting!

      Thanks as always for commenting and sharing!

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