How to Create a Quick and Easy Slide Show on Pinterest

How to Create a Quick and Easy Slide Show on Pinterest

How to Create a Quick and Easy Slide Show on Pinterest


To tell the truth, I’m only writing this post because it took me so gosh darn long to figure out how to do this recently, and I deal with Pinterest all the time. But even Pinterest’s own Frequently Asked Questions didn’t really explain how to create a slide show. And they call it a showcase, too–not a slide show. No, that would be too “’70s,” apparently.

Note: You must have a business account to take advantage of the showcase feature.


Pinterest's Showcase Lets Businesses Rotate Five Boards

Pinterest’s Showcase Lets Businesses Rotate Five Boards


Anyway, it is a slide show, and you can make a pretty good one in about five minutes! Pretty cool, huh? Mine (a screenshot) is above.

Step One. Click the big plus mark that says “Set up a Showcase.”

Note: If there is no big plus mark, either your business account isn’t set up correctly, or there’s a bug in your Pinterest. One of Pinterest’s experts helped me find it, since the showcase edit page appeared to have been missing temporarily. First, log into your Pinterest account, then access it at

Step Two. Choose your five best boards for the showcase. You may want boards with at least eight pins on them.

Step Three. Edit the boards some good pins appear on each of the boards. Choose a good cover for each board. Make sure to save after each edit.

Step Four. Have yourself some of the best DIY Lemon Iced Tea! You may want to reduce the sugar if you’re on Whole30, like I am, though. :D

That’s it!

coffee meeting photo

Did I leave anything out?

Tell me if you set up your slideshow! Leave me a comment below and I’ll go take a look! Thank you.


  1. Hi Carol,
    I would have never figured that out. I had a giggle about the slide show vs showcase. I probably wouldn’t have checked it out if you hadn’t said slide show.
    First of all, I didn’t know there was such a thing for Pinterest. Second I didn’t see the big red plus sign. I’m still waiting for my website to be verified so that may be why I don’t see a big red plus sign. Glad you included the link because that’s how I got mine up.
    It was easy and made me take a better look at my board covers too.
    You Rock!
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Patricia,
      I’m glad the “slide show” phrase tipped you off! It’s pretty cool because it moves like a slide show and makes Pinterest feel less static.

      Hmm. I think the big red plus sign is a plugin. The link isn’t visible for everyone (I had to search for it). Glad you got it going!

      Thanks for the comment and glad it all worked out!


  2. LOIS HAMMER says

    How do I utilitze the showcase? What do I click on to start it?

  3. joshlyn wilkins says

    WAIT WHAT!!!
    that is sad

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