#DigiBlogChat Questions September 7, 2021

The topic for #DigiBlogChat on Tuesday, September 7th is eLearning and Teaching with questions by @Warren Laine-Naida

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Here are the questions:

  1. What do we mean by eLearning? What has your experience been?
  2. What has changed in learning via the internet during the past 5-6 years?
  3. For better or for worse, we’re all learning online. How much of eLearning has been a result of innovation? How much has been a result of necessity?
  4. For those of you who’ve been students, which classes have you taken? For instance, have you used Udemy? Coursera? EdEx? Harvard? Google?
  5. Which technology have you really enjoyed? For instance… Zoom? What could be improved?
  6. There are thousands of free courses offered online. Which have you taken advantage of and why? How did you decide to take those courses?
  7. For those of you teaching online, what has been your experience in creating online courses?
  8. How does online learning become an equalizer—helping us to improve or close the gap between different groups of people? (For example seniors, differently abled, or people without access to traditional resources.)
  9. How might eLearning actually reinforce existing divides?
  10. In an ideal world, where could eLearning take us in the future? Where would we like it to take us?

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