#Digiblogchat July 12, 2022 SEO Do’s and Don’ts for Bloggers with @joeytrend

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#Digiblogchat July 12, 2022 SEO Do’s and Don’ts for Bloggers with @joeytrend| Image by Kanenori from Pixabay

The topic for Tuesday, July 12, 2022 is SEO Do’s and Don’ts for Bloggers with special guest @joeytrend! Check out Joey’s website. Join us on Twitter each Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. PDT for #DigiBlogChat. My partner for these chats is @LazBlazter. If you need to know how to participate, click here: How to Join #DigiBlogChat.

Here are the questions:

Q1. How does SEO benefit bloggers?

A1: SEO is a way to get ongoing referral traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing without paying for ads. More readers, more money.

Q2. What are the major ranking factors to consider when making a new blog?

A2: 1. Having relevant content. 2. Targeting keywords. 3. Page speed. 4. Security. 5. Online chatter. Getting these 5 things right does wonder for getting new web traffic from SEO.

Q3. How do you write SEO optimized content for blogs?

A3: Writing SEO content for blogs is easy when you use tools like @surfer_seo. SEO Surfer creates guidelines on what to write based on your target keywords with the SEO best practices in mind. Stop using Microsoft Word lol!

Q4. What tools do you use to optimize your blog for search engines?

A4: I use a few different tools to optimize blogs including,

@surfer_seo, @mangools_com, @Serpstat, @ahrefs, and @semrush. They all serve a unique purpose when I optimize blogs for search engines. My answers will reveal what I use them for.

Q5. What are some examples of what can hurt your blog’s chances of ranking higher in the search engines?

A5: 1. Thin content. 2. Not secure. 3. Slow page speed. 4. Spammy link profile. 5. Bad reputation online.

Q6. What are some examples of what can help your blog’s chances of ranking higher in search engines?

A6. 1. Valuable content. 2. Is secure. 3. Fast page speed. 4. Quality link profile. 5. Great reputation online.

Q7. How can you track the traffic coming to your blog from search engines?

A7: Using data analytic tools like Google Analytics or @clicky you can track user data and see the demographics of your blog readers. Don’t fly blind. Make sure to look at your data!

Q8. How do you find new keywords to make blog content around?

A8: Using keyword-finding tools like @mangools_com makes it easy to find great low-competition keywords to target. This tool will take a lot of y’all to the next level!

Q9. What are backlinks and how do you check the ones pointing to your blog?

A9.1: Backlinks are website links on other websites referring to your website. Search engines consider backlinks an endorsement from another website on a topic of authority. Quality backlinks build your blog’s authority on a particular subject over time.

A9.2: Using backlink checking tools like @ahref backlink checker you can inspect the backlink profile of your blog. It is simple, easy, and free.

Q10. How can SEO make your blog more valuable over time?

A10: Overtime blog content that has been optimized for search engines will bring in continuous web traffic. Every optimized article and every quality backlink make your blog more valuable to investors. That is if you ever decide to sell your blog one day.

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