#DigiBlogChat Feb 13, 2024 Help, I started a blog, what next?

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The topic: Help, I started a blog, what next? with @lazblazter! Image StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

February 13, 2024 Help, I started a blog, what next? with @lazblazter! #digiblogchat 

The topic for #DigiBlogChat on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 1:00 pm Pacific Time is February 13, 2024 Help, I started a blog, what next? with @lazblazter! What do you do when you’re just starting with blogging? What should your posts be about? And of course we’ll have the ever-present side conversations!

Join us on Twitter each Tuesday from 1:00 through 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time for #DigiBlogChat. My partner for these chats is @LazBlazter.  If you need to know how to participate, click here: How to Join #DigiBlogChat. P.S. Don’t forget to add the #digiblogchat hashtag!

Here are the questions:

Q1. Starting the blog was a big step but has anyone got tips for curating ideas to give it longevity? #digiblogchat 

Q2. Should I follow the feedback my blog generates to determine future content or stick to a set theme or genre?  #digiblogchat 

Q3. Now I’m up and blogging, do I need to be concerned about which platform it is hosted on?  #digiblogchat 

Q4. Anyone got tips about linking social media with my blog please?  #digiblogchat 

Q5. What about frequency, is a regular date preferable to publishing as and when I feel inspired?  #digiblogchat 

Q6. Is it okay to work with guests and debate ideas or is that more for vlogging and podcasting?  #digiblogchat 

Q7. What do you feel about using a blog to advocate for causes, is that inviting hostility?  #digiblogchat 

Q8. How should I deal with negativity, meet it head-on or acknowledge it and trail it off?  #digiblogchat 

Q9. Where can I find fresh ideas to blog about, what would inspire you?  #digiblogchat 

Q10. Finally, what do you, or would you, blog about?   #digiblogchat

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