Beyond the Magic Words: 8 Ways to Say Thank You!

Beyond the Magic Words: 8 Ways to Say Thank You

Beyond the Magic Words: 8 Ways to Say Thank You

You already know what the magic words are, right? That’s right: please and thank you! Baby boomers, in particular, seem adept at knowing how to thank people. Depending upon why you’re grateful, you could decide to send any of the following.

Personal Email

A customized and personal email is a quick way to say thank you. People really do love to be appreciated, and this is a way to go beyond the basic thank you. You could add a photo of something you know the person really likes, too. Are they crazy about pygmy goats? Send ’em a pic!

An Ecard

Include a picture of something your friend likes

Include a picture of something your friend likes

An ecard might include a picture of something your friend likes–such as a cup of espresso with a lemon twist, a microbrewed beer, or a nerdy hat. Or how about a gift card to that special brewery you visited together?


A cute or funny poem adds an element of surprise and delight! You may find that no one has ever written a poem for your friend. Be sure to include details that you especially like and why you are appreciative. For bonus points, add alliteration and rhyming.


How about a flattering photo of your friend or a photo of the two of you together? If you know your friend pretty well, then a slightly embarrassing one is even better! Like that photobomb from the Giants game–the one where, um…mistakes were made? Or the belly flop into the deep end of the pool? Oh, yes.

A Small Gift

Most people appreciate a cup of coffee or gift card. If you can find out where your friend likes to go, that would be even more personal. But don’t hold off sending a gift because you don’t have all the details yet! And **gasp** you could even ask them what they like! But be cagey when you ask; don’t tell them why you need to know!


Flowers are a turbo-charged form of thank you. Most people love flowers (hint, hint), and some people rarely get them. To make them more special, find out what your friend’s favorite colors or types of flowers are. Home-grown purple roses? Bright red tulips? Yellow chrysanthemums? If you don’t know, you might match their eye color or the color they wear a lot.


Jewelry is still more personal. A bracelet or necklace make very sweet gifts. Some jewelry, though, can be fraught with romantic overtones–unless you are very confident that the giver wants to receive the jewelry, it’s best to save this for a very special relationship. Unless you like being in trouble, that is.

Gift Basket

For a client, or for a big milestone event, personalized gift baskets are fab. You might send fruit or baked products from your area. Anything scented is more difficult, unless you already know what your friend likes.

How Do You Like to Be Thanked?

Do you remember a particularly good gift? What made it so memorable? Please let me know in the comments!



  1. You bring up great points.
    We had a debate in house recently about thank you cards for Christmas gifts.
    (I send them, others don’t.)

    A handwritten note is always nice to receive, especially since they’re rare.

    All of these methods are winners in my book.

    • Anything that’s rare will stand out. Whenever people say “Wow!” to your thank you, you’ll be remembered. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

  2. In 2012, I started “aggressively” thanking my clients…first with corporate apparel (a logoed shirt) and now with gift baskets…I’m biased because my wife makes them…but oh what an impact they make. She personalized them with ribbons and their names and logos and I’m not forgotten and they are well thanked!

    • Wow, Allen! Word is probably spreading about your gift baskets. If I were in the market, I’d definitely want to use your services. Thanking people like that is so unusual. Definitely makes me think. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Hi Eric!
    For me, I’ve found that it really is the thought that counts. When I realize that someone really knows me, the gift is much more memorable. If they remember something I’ve said or a favorite color, it’s way better than them spending a lot of money.

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting! I appreciate that.

  4. Jessie Torres says

    All of the foregoing are winners in my social circles. Just a quick interject now in light of my mom’s recent death. The family took time and effort to gather and compile snailmail addressed of all who came and expressed their deepest condolences. Not so easy getting their home or office mailing addresses for the 250+ Cypress Lawn note cards we had to write a small note and sign and of course affix a forever stamp. Is there a culture-neutral etiquette to address this sensitive issue. By implying a culture sensitivity to this social etiquette, would just saying a simple “thank you” draw bad luck? Just a thought I wish to share here.

    • Hi Jessie,

      I might add a little more than a thank you. For instance, “Thank you. We really appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this time.”
      And I’m very sorry for the loss of your mother.

      Carol Stephen

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