Behind the Scenes of the Great Pumpkin’s Social Media Campaign

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Few people consider the feelings of the Great Pumpkin. Think about it: alone for weeks in a cold, dark field, with his closest neighbor competing for the same air, food, and water. Eventually, to be weighed and possibly turned into a Jack-O-Lantern (best case scenario) or thrown at someone’s house by angry teenagers (worst case scenario). The Great Pumpkin needs a new strategy for his social media! And I’m calling him him because that’s what Linus of Peanuts fame calls him.

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Which Platforms?

First of all, where should the Great Pumpkin be on social media? As a pumpkin afficionado, I’d say EVERYWHERE! Because who doesn’t like pumpkins? Communists, that’s who! Even LinkedIn, that most serious of social media platforms, needs a little pumpkin. However, if we had to choose just one platform, maybe one of the visual ones. He’d do well on Pinterest, as well as Instagram. And of course, YouTube. Linus would certainly provide the soundtrack, since Linus is the Great Pumpkin’s biggest fan. By the way, you might like: Ten Simple Ways to Choose the Best Social Media Platform.

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What’s His Audience Like?

Kids of all ages love pumpkins. Everyone from kids through great-great grandpas. That’s pretty much everyone, except maybe your one friend who pretends it’s not Halloween and hides behind a locked door with the lights out and the garbage can pushed up against the front door. Even porcupines and big cats love pumpkins! Just do a search on YouTube, and you’ll see it’s true. You need to know who you’re writing for so you can change your wording if you need to. Here’s an article about audience and social media that you might like.

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Who’s His Competition?

Can anyone compete with the Great Pumpkin? No! So let’s skip this question. Well, maybe the Tim Burton film the Nightmare Before Christmas. Although the Great Pumpkin seems more innocent.

What Message Should He Convey?

The Great Pumpkin needs to be, well, great! He should never whine about being cold or having a candle that goes out, or anything like that. He should always look forward to the holidays.  His ambition to be the best pumpkin on the block, city, and county should be highlighted. He should encourage photo ops, too. Definitely.

Lifestyle of the Great Pumpkin’s Followers

What other posts could you promote if you were the Great Pumpkin’s community manager? They’re probably a fun-loving, outgoing group. We imagine lots of frolicing would be involved. Do you love the Great Pumpkin? If so, leave me a comment!


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