You Need to Know about Pinterest’s Powerful New Feature, Story Pins

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What Are Story Pins?

Story pins let you put together up to 20 pages of images and texts in one pin. If you’re inside Pinterest, you can create story pins on the top left corner of your screen (see the screen shot below). Once you’ve created a story pin, there will be a number there, too, to indicate how many pages or images exist in the story pin.

You Need a Pinterest Business Account

If you’re a business and don’t have a business account on Pinterest, you need to do that. Here’s why: Ten Arguments for a Pinterest Business Account. Seriously, do that first. I’ll wait. Bottom line–you need analytics so you can measure your results on Pinterest. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time. One tip for you? Publish in the evening, at around 6:30 pm, for the best results.

Three Types of Story Pins

Currently, there are three types of story pins: Recipes
, DIY, and guides. Here’s an example of a recipe pin: (You may need to log into Pinterest to see it, but there’s cake there.)

Who Can Use Story Pins?

Anyone who uses stories can use a story pin! That should probably be all of us. Stories make time stand still, and keep your followers engaged. And they’re fun!

Where Do I Sign up for Story Pins?

If story pins are not yet available where you are, you can request access: Story Pin Request Form. They should be available shortly for everyone. It takes 5-7 days to gain access if you request it.

How Do I Get Started?

Here’s a short guide, straight from the horse’s mouth, Pinterest. Create Story Pins. Although story pins might seem complicated, they’re easy and fun. The important thing is to get started! You can edit story pins, so there’s that.

When Should I Use a Story Pin Rather than a Regular Pin?

Recipes are good for story pins. And, as suggested by Pinterest, anything that requires multiple steps and that you can be illustrate with pictures is a good idea. So a simple craft would make a good story pin. Or something like how to paint a wall yourself. You can put up multiple videos, or even use a video as the cover for your story pin.

React to a Story Pin with Emojis

You can react to a story pin with five different emojis! They are: Good idea, love, thanks, wow, and haha. Pay attention to the number of repins, impressions, and closeups for this pin (above), after just one day. Kind of cool, right?

What Else?

After you’ve published a Story Pin, you can edit the public note, the board you published it to, topic tags, and details. You can also delete an existing page, add a new page, or reorder existing pages. How many times have you published something (say a tweet), and wanted to edit it but can’t? You have to delete it and start over! UGH! Anyway, if you try story pins let me know!




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