You Can Do What You Want If Quality Isn’t An Issue!

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When clients want to overshare from their personal lives on something that has nothing to do with their target audience, I wonder if quality is an issue. Sometimes a cat photo is the perfect thing, sometimes not. And we don’t always want to hear the details of every surgery. Do we? I don’t. Maybe you don’t, either.

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Who’s Your Audience?

The only way to really tell if what you’re doing works or not is by seeing how your audience responds. Sometimes sharing inappropriate stuff can be helpful. We’re all human, after all. But when every image is out of focus and of bad quality? When every other tweet is one where you’re asking people to buy sunglasses at a *super* discount? How is that anything other than noise? You might like this article about oversharing: What Happens to Your Audience When You Overshare. (Can you tell this isn’t my first rant on this topic?)

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Social Media Can Be Noisy

Of course, the Interwebs is a noisy place. We’ve all seen it getting noisier and noisier. But do you turn away when there’s too much of it? I think a lot of people do. All the political screaming is getting worse. And with November around the corner, will the noise lessen? Probably not. I like this article about creating content that cuts through the noise, from Forbes. Yes, it’s more than two years old, and still relevant. Anyway, like others, I doubt that sharing on social media ever changes someone’s mind. Has it ever changed yours?

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Pay to Play

If you really need to get your (high quality) content out to an audience, you might consider pay to play. It’s one way to ensure that people really do see your message. Of course, check that you are really targeting the correct audience, edit your article, and make sure it’s something your audience wants to see.

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If Quality Isn’t An Issue?

If quality isn’t an issue, then posting any old thing is just perfect. A picture of an old rotten lemon? Perfect! Out-of-focus pix of the neighbor’s back fence? Why not? But it isn’t 2001 anymore, and there’s a lot more competition online to get it right. People really do want quality. And you might like this article: What Happened to Quality Versus Quantity on Social Media?

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What if Quality IS An Issue?

You can stand out from the crowd by posting things of higher quality, rather than lots of posts of lower quality. Maybe consider posting less, but of higher quality. Some brands only post 2-3 tweets a week and maybe post only once on Facebook each week. Could that be you? Or do you feel obligated to keep up with the Jones?


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