Why Online Friends Make the Most Delightful Friends

Why Online Friends Make the Most Delightful Friends

Why Online Friends Make the Most Delightful Friends

By now, many of us have met people in real life whom we first got to know on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. We’ve had coffee with them, or seen them at meet-ups, or recognized them from their online profiles. Online friends really are the best friends, as Lynn Morrison outlines in this Huffington Post article: 6 Reasons Why Online Friends Are the Best!

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There’s That Guy!

Heck, sometimes I even recognize people walking around my neighborhood from their online profile. “There’s that guy from Facebook who always posts about his dog!” I might say. Or “there’s that guy who’s always ranting!” someone says as we avert our gazes and pretend to be checking our phones for something important.

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Some People Are Far Away

We’ll never meet some of those online friends, as they are too far away, or meeting would be too inconvenient, or schedules never seem to mesh. It’s funny how some people will make space for you in their lives, and others always seem too busy. Some we promise to meet during a trip overseas, like Kittie Walker or Larry Mount (follow them on Twitter!), both in England.

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Sometimes It’s Awkward

Some people seem awkward even online, so the idea of meeting in person isn’t so compelling. And others are super easy to talk to online, but then meeting in person is awkward. In the world of extroverts and introverts, that sometimes happens. I’m not including any examples here, as I’m sure you have plenty yourself! There are ways to deal with those awkward conversations, by the way.

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Some People Aren’t Funny

That would be me. I’m way funnier online, where I can edit jokes and make them much funnier. In person? Not so funny. Oh, well. Others who aren’t funny at all online are hilarious in person. If you’re an introvert, the unfunny factor might come into play more often than if you’re an extrovert. And you might like:  Six Facts About Introverts and Social Media That Will Impress Your Friends.

Others seem so interested in real-life meetings, that they’ll bend over backwards to so that you can meet in real life. My besties Bridget Willard (go follow her blog, by the way!) and Amy Donohue (follow her on Twitter!) both fall into that category. Others like Justine Pretorious I haven’t met, and yet she is already a good friend.

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Many Become Best Friends for Life

When you meet someone online, you can talk about what’s really going on before you ever meet them in real life. You can choose how you appear to them in order to deepen the conversation. And that leads to better friendships, in my opinion.

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Distance Becomes Irrelevant

When you’re online friends with someone, you can check in with them whenever you like. You don’t have to have an appointment. Just show up, and start tweeting, commenting, etc. And you can continue to keep in touch through the magic of social media! My friends Beth Staub and Pam Ann Aungst, though they live in different states, are that way.

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Tell Me About Someone You’ve Met Online

Have you driven conversations into the real world? Or is there someone you’d like to meet? Tell me about it in the comments! I’d love that.


  1. There is no way I can agree with this more. Sometimes people I meet online are people who treat me better both on and offline (when I do finally meet them). They text me, call me, and make sure I’m okay. And vice versa. Can’t wait to see you at WordCamp! xoxo

    • Hi Bridget,

      You can’t always choose your birth family, but you can choose the people you call family. And you’re definitely in the inner circle of that family. Thank you for your constant support, humor, and love always.


  2. You, of course, Carol have been someone who I am happy to have found online. I think I found you via Beth Staub on one of the social sites. You aren’t too busy to comment on posts as I’ve found with other SM folks. I’ve met Beth in person and we didn’t stop talking the two times we got together. ;-)
    I’ve met some very interesting folks online too. A Muy Thai boxing champion from Ireland, a Special Forces retiree who was on several TV documentaries just to mention a few online acquaintances. We may only have one or two things in common but we keep in contact just with that.
    I have stayed connected with quite a few interesting folks from the now defunct Tsu social site and Niume blogging site (which I’m no longer on).
    You made me laugh about the “ranting” people. We have a community FB page and I giggle when I read some of their posts but haven’t seen them in real life.

    • Hi Patricia!

      I am so happy to have met you as well, Patricia. I hope that we can meet in person sometime. Maybe in Arizona? I’ve been to Sedona and Phoenix and have friends around there. :D

      Isn’t Beth the best? We have met in person, and kept in touch, and it’s so fun to “hear” her voice when she’s tweeting or commenting.

      That guy ranting is based on a real guy who was maybe a block away. We’d drive past him, and sort of whistle and pretend to fidget with the knobs on the radio (which we don’t even listen to!) every time! Didn’t want to get involved in any drama! Hahaha! Not sure he ever recognized us. We’d have to wear fake noses and glasses if he did!

      Thanks for always being so supportive.


  3. Have to agree with you about Bridget Willard. Met her first online then in person and she is an amazing person!

  4. YOU, you, You!!!
    It will happen!!! :)
    Fall Creek is calling our names….. :)
    I’m SO glad we connected online!

    • Yes, it will happen, Dyane! I can hear Fall Creek now: “Dyane and Carol–time for some forest bathing!”

      So glad we’ve connected online, Dyane!

      And thank you for stopping by, too. :D


  5. Who have I met online? You, Bridget, Justine (we connected in person last Oct in Seattle) and Adam over at Blue Steele just off the top of my head.

    Hoping to connect with everyone else at some point.

    Some of the best relationships, both personal and business, I have either on online or started there!

    • Hi Robert!

      So nice of you to drop by! I’m sure we’ll connect at some point in person, too.

      You meet the nicest people online. Then the relationships get cemented by meeting in person.

      I’m looking forward to meeting up some time,


  6. Thanks for including me on the list of friends! I am so honored! My tribe of online friends has grown and I appreciate each and every relationship I have made! I have fortunate to meet some of them IRL. I connected with Robert at WCSEA, Bridget and Jen at WCUS, and Rachel Cherry at WCSD.

    I can’t wait until we get to see each other in person.

    • Hi Justine,

      It’s been wonderful getting to know you more, and we’ll certainly meet in person, too. And of course, I have you to thank for introducing me to Whole30! So happy to hear about all the people you’ve connected with!

      I can’t wait, either!


  7. I’ve met so many people online before meeting them face to face it’s hard to keep track. I’m part of a private group of more than 150 friends who met online and for the last nine years have met F2F monthly. And, I’m funnier in person!

    • Hi Randy,

      I’m the same way! Have met many, many people online then in person.

      That’s great about the private group. One day, we’ll meet in person, too. :D


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