When Going Backwards Will Make You Look Forward

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Since Covid-19 struck, you might have made some changes to your life. It’s reassuring to bake banana bread, and you might have even created a Jell-O salad or three in your effort to bring back the past. Sometimes those moments of traveling back in time can be positive. You might even wonder why you stopped doing some things that you really enjoyed. Is the newest, shiniest thing always the best you might wonder? No, it’s not! So let’s bring back some of these!

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Writing the Old-Timey Way

One example of going backwards is writing in a journal. These days, the bullet journal has become very popular, especially on Instagram. But how about just plain ol’ journal writing? What’s wrong with that? Nothing, that’s what! You might like these 379 Bullet Journal Ideas.

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Thank You Cards

Paper ones–not virtual ones. Because who does that anymore? When was the last time you received an actual hand written thank you card in cursive? Probably Neverary! If you have a little extra time, why not send one? You might want to use Gratitude to power your social media campaign while you’re at it.

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Since cursive isn’t taught in schools anymore, using it has become a kind of secret code. To me, cursive is very, very cool. Make that very, very, very cool. Seriously, when you write that thank you card, write it in cursive! And if you have a kid who loves cursive, they might want to join the Cursive is Cool contest.

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Actual Phone Calls

Remember when you used to use your phone…as a phone? lol Me, neither. Making phone calls is an excellent way to connect with people. You can even scare people by calling and not texting first. Again, nobody does that anymore. By the way, you might like this article: Yes, why not call your friends on the telephone?¬†They might even think something is wrong if you just ring them up.

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Now knitting has enjoyed a resurgence lately, but if you’re locked down in quarantine, there’s nothing better than knitting. You can knit while you’re on a Zoom call, while binging on NetFlix, or any time. It’s fun and relaxing.

Strawberry Cake


Of course baking is hugely popular right now, and stores are even running out of yeast and flour. Who knew baking would be so necessary? And if you have to eat your own cooking, why not making it extra special? By the way, if you’d like the recipe for the strawberry cake, let me know. (I’m rewriting it as I finish this blog post.)

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No list would be complete without mentioning the art of conversation. To me, this is the most important of the lost arts. Being on our phones, watching YouTube videos, and texting each other doesn’t cut it. Do you agree? Engagement and conversation are what makes our lives better. In fact, many people have discovered that being closer to family is one of the best things to happen during the quarantine.

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  1. Hi Carol,
    Great ideas.
    One thing I have found, especially as an introvert, is that if we don’t get into conversations we begin to lose the ability to communicate well when we must.

  2. Hi Carol,
    These activities are great and I like the return of cursive as people are finding joy in creating beautiful writing. I love this part the best.
    Thanks for always inspiring us!

    • Hi Maricar,

      My love of writing was sparked by watching some bigger kids writing in cursive when I was a little little kid.
      I love all the ways people are writing in journals, too! And sharing their beautiful writing all over social media.
      Thanks for the comment. I wish this would show up in cursive!


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