What to Write about When You Have Nothing to Write about

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Here it is 9:00 p.m. the night before your blog post is due, and you haven’t written one word. You need to get up early the next day for a meeting, but no pressure, right? Also, there’s a full-scale pandemic going on that has you more than a little freaked out. What to do? Here are some ideas.

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Go Back and Review

Now’s as good a time as any to reread some of your older writing. There was that whole series on social media and clowns, for instance. That was a fun series. Then there were a bunch where you wrote about Einstein, Tesla, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of┬áSocial Media Needs. Do any of those have ideas that you could expound upon? Or are the times we’re living in just too somber? Well, you know what they say: one person’s somberness is another person’s circus! Or something like that.

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Do a Best of Post

Here is where you could pick two or three or ten(!) of your favorite posts. For me, I’m going to pick just one. My favorite post is the one I wrote about Twitter lists. Why? I think the language is sharp and concise, and it was a joy to write, even though I edited it a million times. You probably have a favorite post, too. Or maybe a few.

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There might be a post that nobody read and you can’t figure out why. Did you ever pour your heart out writing something and feel that nobody even noticed? That happens sometimes. Could it be the timing? Maybe people were busy with some big event in their lives and didn’t have the time or inclination? Maybe the writing wasn’t up to your usual caliber. Or maybe the images in your post weren’t compelling. Try to see what happened.

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If You’re Really Stuck, Ask a Friend

Reach out and ask a friend what to write. You’d be surprised what your friends know about you. And right now, they’re probably home since they’re all sheltering in place! So there’s that.



  1. Hi Carol,
    If someone says they’ve never been stumped for a blog subject they might be kidding themself. Well, maybe except for Randy Clark. He just keeps them rolling and they are always a joy to read.
    But I digress.
    I try to keep drafts in my blog cache but sometimes they just don’t move me so how are they going to move others to read them.
    I like when a spark sets me off on one that fits well for the times.
    Thanks for your ever inspiring posts.

    • Hi Patricia,
      I’m with you about the emotional aspect of a blog post. Having a spark to set you off is a good way to get started, and then the forward momentum can keep you moving.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dear Patricia and Carol

    take your time , breath and go on!! Your ideas will automatically comes out!! Dont stop now!!! Please! Thanks for you blogs! Grazia

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