What is the best kind of content for my blog?

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Maybe you feel that there are millions of topics to write about. Or, maybe like so many, you have no idea what to write about and your mind is blank when you start to write. Either way, you need to consider your audience first.

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Who are you writing for?

If you’re just starting out, consider who your ideal reader is. If you already have readers, then you may have a better idea of who you’re writing for. Consider anything about that person that may help you. For instance, what are their pain points? What problem does your product or service solve? Write about that. You might like this article: Target audience and social media.

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Who is on the platform where you’re sharing your writing?

Each platform is different and has different types of users. For instance, according to SproutSocial’s excellent article Social Media Demographics to Inform Your Strategy, “You want to make sure that people within your ideal target audience are actually participating actively there.” Look at the income, education level, and age of people on the platform you’ll be on. Does it make sense to share your content there? If not, where would be a better place?

What Frequently Asked Questions does your audience have?

Do people always ask you the same questions? Write about those. Even if you think you’ve been repeating yourself over and over, chances are, your audience doesn’t think so. You may want to write about the same thing in slightly different ways, too. For instance, if you’re blogging for a zoo and people always ask what kinds of animals you have there, change it up. Talk about the giraffes first, then the penguins. Or vice-versa. Search Engine Journal has some helpful examples of Frequently Asked Question pages.

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Write about Where You’re Going

Are you a startup about to pivot? Would you like to move into a different area in your business? Why not write about that? After all, most people are more interested in your future than in your past. You’re probably more interested in your own future, too. So go ahead and write about your dreams and aspirations (not that it hurts to look at your own history). Right now, you might write about what you’re going to do once Covid19 and the shelter in place is over. How will that affect your business?

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Do You Have Opinions?

Of course you do! If there’s something someone in your service or industry is doing that you do or don’t like, why not write about that? Also, if you pretend you’re talking to a friend as you write, that will help speed up your writing.

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Still Stuck?

If the idea of coming up with content topics still has you shaking your head, this article might help: What to Write About When You Have Nothing to Write About. You could revisit an old article, do a best of post with a collection that you really like, or respond to a video or another blog post that you liked.






  1. Pain points are always a great prompt for me — or questions. Actually, questions help me immensely. Thanks for another great post, Carol.

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