What Are Your Social Media Dead Zones?

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Some social media dead zones are off limits to everyone. If there’s an emergency in your immediate area, for instance, you might not want to post at all. And we’ve all heard about the best times to post on social media, but what about the worst times to post? And what about dead zones that are specific to your brand?


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Between Christmas and New Years Day

For many, the time between Christmas and New Years Day is very quiet. Some people take this time off and stop posting altogether, putting up a “Happy Holidays” post and leaving it at that. However, for those who are engaged and/or introverted, this can be a blissful time. Since it’s quiet, they may be able to truly connect with people. It’s similar to the gym right before New Year’s–it’s the calm before the storm and my favorite time to be there.

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Week of the Fourth of July

This is another very quiet time online. Many leave town for a week long vacation. Again, it depends on your brand and how you want to handle this time. There are plenty of things to talk about online, but you might need to be a little creative. For example, you may want to post recipes or stories that showcase your brand’s traits.

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Each Platform Has Optimal Times

You might like this article: What Are the Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2019? For instance, in it, the author talks about the best times to post on Facebook being between noon and 4:00 p.m. But testing and looking at your own analytics are the way to go. In the construction industry, posting at earlier times is often when people are online.

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Worst Times of the Day

For each social media platform, there’s a worst (that is, slowest) time of the day. For most, the time between midnight and 6 a.m. is a time people don’t post much. But for some people, it can be the best time. Think about clubs, bars, musicians, and others who are up in the middle of the night. And here’s a good article about The Science of Social Timing you might like.

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Slowest Day of the Week

For many, Fridays are the time when nothing much happens. People leave work early for the weekend, and even if they’re online, they don’t stay long.  You might like to read: Why Friday is the Worst Time to Publish a Blog Post.  But again, it depends upon your goals online. If you’re an introvert like I am, you might like the quiet time because you can engage in a deeper way.

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Test, Test, Test

Whichever day or or time you choose to post, be sure to test. And you’ll probably want to retest, too, before too much time goes by. Maybe run a yearly test, since things change, and people change, too. Do you have a time that you avoid? And do you time your vacations to coincide with certain dead zones? Leave me a comment and thank you.


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