Up Your Social Media Engagement with These Quick and Easy Tips

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Some of the best social media posts are also the most simple. You may not know which posts will get you the most reach, but you can make your life on social media a whole lot easier just by streamlining your posts. Here are some ideas for you.

Simple Calls to Action

Don’t make your followers or friends jump through a million hoops to interact with you. Give them simple choices. For example, “Which of these two choices do you like better?” And then give two choices. Don’t give them ten choices, and ask everyone to rank them. Keep your call to action really simple for the best results. Speaking of simple, did you know you could create a blog post in an hour? You can!

One Sentence Posts

We’ve all gotten so complex. How about some one-sentence posts, for a change?¬†Nothing too complicated. Not three paragraphs, but a nice picture and maybe underneath it, where you were when you took it and whatever else you can fit into a simple (not a run-on!) sentence. Could you stand it?

Share Something Funny

This is one of my favorites. Also, I have kittens, and they crack me up all day long. But you could also take a picture of something you see in your travels around town, and say what you think of it.

Post an Open-Ended Question

For instance “What do you think?” is a good question. This allows people to say “I like it!” or “that’s great!” It doesn’t always need to be intellectually challenging.

Share Your Friends’ Posts!

If you didn’t read my last post about Why the 80/20 Rule Works for Your Social Media, you might like to read it! See, the 80/20 rule lets you off the hook for creating everything yourself! Yes or no: do you like that idea? (See what I did there?)

Here Are Some Friends’ Posts

One of my friends, Mitch Mitchell, writes about social media, blogging, and a whole lot more. Here’s a recent post:¬†Should We Quit Blogging? The List, that you might like.

Are You Easy to Engage with?

How so? Please leave me a comment and thank you!





  1. Hi Carol,
    I always appreciate you posts because little light bulbs go off over my head.

    Thanks again for great information that I can definitely put into action.

  2. Hi Dyane!
    Aww, thank you for the compliment, Dyane! Someone told me that 350-400 was the ideal length, and that if posts get over 500 words, to split them in half and make a part one and part two! I think people read less and less, so shorter in some ways is better. Of course, if you’re telling a story, you can’t cut people off right in the middle, so that’s an exception!

    Mitch is wonderful and funny. We’ve never met in person, but I see him online all the time.

    Yes, I can see your email address here! It’s visible.

    Thank you for always being so supportive!


  3. Thanks for the shoutout Carol, and of course for getting Dyane to visit. :-) I’m glad you see the posts as funny and entertaining; I often wonder if I’m being sarcastic and a bit caustic.

    As for the short posts… well… that’s not gonna happen. lol It’s rare that I have a short thought, and I like being thorough. I have realized that I don’t need to have a thousand words on every single post for every single blog that I own, which I hope encourages me to write more often on my other blogs. But 400 words… nope, those days are gone.

    • Hi Mitch,
      You’re most welcome for the shoutout. One of my favorite things to do is introduce my friends to each other, so I’m happy that you and Dyane get acquainted.

      As far as the length of your posts, well, we all have our own rhythm. I enjoy your posts very much, and your stories of life with mom.


  4. Link fatigue is a real thing and a problem with companies who only automate. Automation creates the set it and forget it mindset. Sharing a few one-sentence thoughts is always a good way to humanize yourself or the brand if you have one.

  5. Always great advice my friend, thank you!!

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