Unfollow on Pinterest: 3 Best Ways

Unfollow on Pinterest: 3 Best Ways

Unfollow on Pinterest: 3 Best Ways

My previous post on how to unfollow on Pinterest continues to get comments about how complicated this process is, so I am writing this to outline the best solutions to unfollow on Pinterest, thanks to the super-helpful Austin Geraci, and blog reader “Dani,” both of whom I’ve paraphrased.

Note: None of these procedures is very simple, and I’m still open to hearing about any alternatives.

For Mac or Windows: Excel

This idea comes from Blog reader Dani. Dani explains that you can copy the entire page (either your followers or who you’re following) and past either into notepad.

Then you copy from notepad, paste into Excel and organize the data alphabetically and you can delete all the “following” notes.

For Windows: Notepad++

As explained by Austin G, Notepad++ is an easy-to-use tool that lets you compare data (among a lot of other tasks). You can open multiple text docs in it, just like you can in modern browsers using tabs.

Open up the two docs, go to plugins –> Compare –> Pick your options (align, ignore spacing, detect moves, or navigation bar) –>Click compare and Poof! both docs show up side by side and the differences will be highlighted.

For Mac or Windows: Word

Unfollowing on Pinterest can be complicated

Unfollowing on Pinterest can be complicated

Open a blank Word file. From Pinterest, copy your Pinterest followers. Then go to Edit–>Paste Special–>Unformatted Text. Then Find and Replace “Unfollow” with an empty space. (Find and replace “Unfollow” first or this process won’t work.)

Why Isn’t This Easier?

Everybody wants to know how to do this. When I talk about it anywhere on social media, people go a little bit crazy. Twitter makes it pretty simple. By the way, if you want to know why I’m not following you on Pinterest, here are some possible reasons.

What’s Your Favorite?

If you have figured out a good way to unfollow on Pinterest, I’d love to talk to you! Really. I will buy you coffee. Or even a really good beer. Or you can leave a comment here.



  1. Wow, that sounds so complicated. Crazy! You are right, twitter makes it soooo easy. Cheers Carole, learn so much from you and Bridget W :-)

    • Hi Sandy,
      Eventually, there will be an app for this. Everybody has the same issue. Pinterest is still relatively new, but it’s such a great platform and with every new release, it gets better. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! And I learn a lot from Bridget W., too. Isn’t she wonderful?

  2. Hi there,
    Yes, the first thing is deciding when the best time of day is for you. If blogging is important, then I’d use your optimal time of day (for me it’s morning) to write. Second, I use an old-school egg timer. For some reason, it helps me focus. Some people like music, but I like either complete silence or white noise. When you first start writing, it’s like a brain dump. Don’t judge yourself because you can edit it later. Write everything and come back later. Let it stew for awhile. For me, I let it stew at least overnight and come back and edit. Editing is a different part of the brain, from what I’ve heard.

    Best luck!

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