Twitter Background: How to Make It Work


Your Twitter background says a lot about you. Even though it’s static you can add beaucoup information.

Get Fancy with Your Background!

You’ve seen those Twitter profile sidebars with all kinds of graphics on them. If not, go and take a look at a few Twitter profiles, expand them so they’re full-screen, and see what’s there, beyond the basic profile. For example, take a look at @kimgarst’s profile. Do you see the graduated colors? Notice that she has a different picture of herself there than on her main profile picture. She uses the profile background to expand upon her passions. Or look at @FitnessMagazine, with their simple graphic of balloons and their “Mind, Body & Spirit” tagline listed. Pretty snazzy, right?

The Sidebar is Fixed.

The sidebar can have other websites and information listed, but you can’t click on a URL on the sidebar. So it’s possible for someone to see a url, but they’ll have to copy it and put it into a browser window themselves—they can’t click and go directly to that address. Unfortunately, that’s a limitation within Twitter.

Adding Graphics.

If you’re talented with Photoshop or another graphics package, then you may want to add a picture of yourself—or something that inspires you—to the background. For example, if you’re a dog trainer, how about a picture of a giant dog? If you’re a cyclist, a picture of your favorite cycling route or bicycle would work.

Adding a Tagline.

If you have a slogan, adding that to your profile would be a great addition; it’s a way for people to remember you. A tagline — a short statement that combines your mission, purpose and brand — can be an important selling point.

Big Heart of ArtHire a Graphic Designer.

If you’re beyond a beginner at Twitter, you might be wise to hire help. A graphic designer can help you with a logo, color choices and photos. Having a professional to create your background makes you look polished. And you can use the same image or logo across all your social media platforms, such as Facebook and other sites. That’s leverage!

Most People Are Visual.

Since the majority of people are visual, having a stunning profile background on Twitter (as well as other sites) can cause more people to follow and connect with you. And isn’t that what all of us want on social media?

When customizing your Twitter background have you had any mishaps? Tell me your horror stories.



  1. These are great tips, Carol.

  2. Jody Yarborough says

    Yes, I would think having a cohesive look is important. I will keep these tips in mind. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Carol! I need to work on mine!!

  4. Hello Jack, Thanks for commenting. You’re giving me some ideas for another blogpost. I’ll have to do a little research into this subject first, since I’m not a graphics expert. But it’s another change to learn something new, right?
    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  5. Great tips Carol!

  6. Thanks for the helpful tips, Carol.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Carol. You gave me some more ideas! ;)

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