This Is What I Really Really Love about Social Media

This Is What I Really Really Love about Social Media

This Is What I Really Really Love about Social Media

This Is What I Really Really Love about Social Media

Recently I wrote about what I why I’m sick and tired of social media, and you can read that post here. There are also great benefits to social media, and this week has been one of those weeks.

Help Out in Emergencies

The award for the best use of social media this week has to be to all the people who’ve been helping out since the fires happened here in California. There has been a flood of helpers stepping up, collecting everything from rain gear to free dentistry to offers of jobs and places to live. It’s totally heartwarming. The best one I’ve seen is from my business coach, Eric Lofholm, who started a Facebook group, Paradise Fire Adopt a Family Public Group. There, you can see people’s stories, their Amazon wish lists, gratitude for receiving help, and a whole host of other things. Highly recommended.

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Communicate with Health Care Providers

More and more healthcare providers are using social media to communicate with their subscribers. And people looking for answers are also looking to social media. There are countless blogs and websites offering advice. For instance, in this article asking whether social media can have a positive effect on global health care from Forbes, one that stands out is the way that researchers have been using social media to track flu outbreaks.

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Research Purchases

As I write this blog post, it’s the season of giving, so people are researching what gifts to buy. Of course, there are some fake reviews on places like Amazon and Yelp, but there are also some really helpful reviews. You can see what other people think, and in some cases even ask them questions about their purchases. It’s very helpful to have this feedback loop in place when you want to make a purchase. If you never read my previous post about using Yelp, you might want to: How to Use Yelp That Will Help Your Business Gain Social Proof.

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Make New Friends

I know I’ve said this a million billion times, but if you’re feeling lonely, you really can meet some great people on social media. Every week on the #DigiBlogChat, for instance, there are new people popping in, as well as the regulars. I’ve already met a bunch of them, and I’m sure that will continue. If you’d like to chat along with us, it’s every Tuesday at 1:00 pm pst. That is, until the time change when it’ll be at 1:00 pm pdt!

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Stay Connected to Old Friends

If you didn’t have Facebook, how could you possibly stay connected to your grade-school buddies? You’d never know all the gossip about your hometown or know what your niece thought about her new outfit. And how could you possibly stay updated with the latest, greatest dad jokes? You couldn’t!

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What Do You Really Really Love about Social Media?

Those are a few of the things I really, really love about social media. Now it’s your turn! Leave me a comment! And thank you.


  1. Dyane Harwood says

    You are seriously one of the best gifts of social media!! I hope you’re cozy & dry tonight & able to relax!
    Dyane “Twitteraddict/One Hashtag” Harwood

    • Aww…thank you, Dyane! And the same backatcha! So glad we met.
      I’m being super lazy today with all the rain and wind! Hanging out with the kitties and relaxing!
      Your Twitteraddict/onehashtag comment made me laugh!


  2. Randy Clark says

    Yea #DigiBlogChat making new friends is easy with this group. It’s my favorite time of the week on Twitter.

  3. Hi Carol,
    What I REALLY, REALLY love about social media is that I am always learning something. It may not be a subject in my wheelhouse but it’s expanding my little world to so much more.
    Thanks for another insightful post.

    • Hi Patricia,
      And what I really REALLY love about social media is all the wonderful people I meet from all over the world. How else would I ever have met you?
      Thank you for your generous spirit!

  4. Another great blog post, Carol!! Love your insights, your thinking and #digiblogchat !! ????

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