1. Well, I just love this post!!!! And the pictures/links too…

    I’m doing a fairly good job of balancing outdoor time with other stuff, but it could be improved a LOT – I need to reduce my social media time, that’s for sure. I check email too much (and that’s like checking water to see if it’s boiled yet – most of the time there’s nothing there!) I’m excited to read Reyna’s article about achieving goals too! As a former employee of Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, where we employed the people in the kiosks at all state parks + much more, it warms my heart to read about your appreciation for our amazing local state parks – we’re so lucky! Thanks for a fabulous post, my friend!

    • Hello Dyane!

      Thank you so much! I can tell you get out because you always have beautiful images of the mountains, especially the local places. We are very lucky to live where we live and get to enjoy our “forest baths!”

      I appreciate you, my friend,

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thankfully having dogs helps me GET OUT and off social media! It’s also helpful when the mobile signal isn’t good in the area. Ha!
    It is a head-clearing activity and also ignites new ideas. I might even get some photographs for IG, Twitter or a product design.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Dogs are such excellent anti-depressants! Sometimes my mobile signal isn’t so good, either. And I love all your photos of where you live, as well as your “fur kids!”

      Thanks for stopping in,

      • Thanks, Carol.
        I always question sharing a lot of furbaby posts so as not to bore people. I guess if followers don’t like the “adorables”, they can ignore the posts. Ha.

        • Hi Patricia,

          Are you kidding? People love pictures of the fur babies. My cat had her own Twitter account (sadly, she passed away recently). She may have to tweet from kitty cat heaven!


  3. I’m working on backing away a little bit this week so I can work on some other things. This involves doing some things ahead of time so all I need to do is check in to see if anyone’s tried to communicate with me… as well as make my Scrabble moves on Facebook! lol

    I don’t necessarily think about it as disconnecting, but I walk both inside the house and outside when the weather’s better (and when someone’s here to watch Mom). Otherwise, I still need to learn how to relax and how to sleep; one step at a time though.

    • Hi Mitch,
      Backing away sometimes requires a little more work before as well as after just to take time off. Like a vacation, it needs some planning. As a Scrabble lover (in real life), I understand that priority.

      Walking is disconnecting for sure. Everything is slower, and it helps with relaxing and sleep (for me, at least).

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope the rest of your weekend is relaxing. I enjoy all the posts about your mom. I’m right there with you when she falls or forgets something important.


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