This is What Happens When You Buy Followers

This is What Happens When You Buy Followers

This is What Happens When You Buy Followers


You might have heard that you shouldn’t buy followers. Or have you? Were you dreaming? Or was that something that you really heard? Probably fake news, right? Wrong! You should definitely avoid buying followers! Here’s why.

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There Are Lots of Reasons

Your hair will fall out, your skin will turn blue, and people will stop talking to you. You’ll become an orphan if you’re not already. A toilet seat will fall out of the sky and kill you. Oh, wait. That was a t.v. show. By the way, I wrote about this (long ago). You might like Who Has the Most Fake Twitter Followers? Which just goes to prove, this isn’t a new phenomenon.

People Can Tell, and They Won’t Admire You

If you have three posts, and a million followers, that looks odd. Why? Because it takes time to build a following if you do it organically. And people who do know probably won’t want to follow you. They’ll squint at you and your bogus followers, and never follow you. Or, if they do follow you, it’s only because they’re your family. Those who have been caught buying followers were nearly all embarrassed, and ready to blame someone else.

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Throws Off Your Analytics

When all your “followers” live in Russia, how will you be able to check your analytics to see when they’re on Facebook? The answer is: you won’t! And if you want to know when your real followers are online, you’ll have to start over. And that would be not so fun. After all, knowing your audience is half the battle if you’re trying to conduct business on social media. “When you check your analytics on any social platform, you can access insights or varying capacity on this front – but if all your followers are fake, that data is useless.” says Andrew Hutchinson in Should You Buy Followers and Likes on Social Media?

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You Support People Who Steal People’s Identities

If you’re considering the purchase of fake followers, then I highly recommend this article from The New York Times: The Follower Factory.

If you read the New York Times article The Follower Factory when you buy followers you support people who steal other people’s identities. So it doesn’t just hurt you. There are probably thousands of people who have had their identities stolen. The article follows a couple of them.

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Your Engagement Is Thrown Off

How will it look when you have 100,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook, and yet nobody ever, ever, EVER likes anything you post? Will that seem a little strange to anyone? Why yes, yes it would seem strange. Although, you can buy “likes” and retweets on sites, too. Still, these bots do not offer genuine engagement. So your account may lose thousands of followers overnight if you’re caught. Or you can be shut down.

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But it Seems So Cheap!

Yes, but is your time cheap? Is your reputation cheap? How much will it cost you to start over? That $25 or $100 doesn’t take into account how you’ll have to go through the embarrassment of telling your staff what happened. Or that you’ll have to trash your accounts and start over. And how will that look to your followers, when you have to explain what happened (or make up a clever lie)? Not so cheap anymore, right?

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What Do You Think When You See Someone Who’s Bought Followers?

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