This is What Good Quarantine Cooking Looks Like

White Chocolate and Cheese Parfait by Warren Laine-Naida

Our topic for #Digiblogchat on Twitter for July 21, 2020 was Quarantine Cooking. We had so many interesting replies and recipes that I thought a summary might be nice. Join us on Twitter for #digiblogchat every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time! Here are the questions, followed by some of the answers.

Q1. What’s the best dish or cocktail you’ve created during quarantine?

Justine Pretorious (@jpretorious) suggested A1) Watermelon Frozen Daiquiri! 3 ingredients: frozen watermelon, lime juice, and rum! 
Interprose (@interprosepr) said A1. So, our team has been #WFH-based for 20+ years. One key to maintaining company culture is sharing, including recipes. We’ve seen lots of yummies from our team, including one person who changed his @zoom_us background to a photo of bourguignon he’d made recently.

Q2. What were some strange ingredient substitutions you’ve made? 

Randy Clark (@RandyLyleClark) said A2 We’ve been using plant based meat substitutes — made sloppy joes last night.
Larry (@LazBlazter) said A2. No Muscovado sugar so had to improvise for the caramelisation element. Opted for dates and icing sugar, neighbours love it and want more. Did I write it down anywhere? Nope. 

Q3. What recipes or cooking ideas didn’t work out? 

Beth (@AdventureGlass) said A3. Vegan cheese. . . . . . . there is a good vegan queso but vegan queso Mac and cheese. . . um no 
Then there’s this: A3. Heard from one @Interprosepr team member about trying a new recipe that was more complex than usual. It was an soba noodle dish. Like the noodles that didn’t turn out, her family’s reaction was rather limp. Love that she tried something new. #DigiBlogChat #CallGrubHub

Chinese Chicken Salad

Q4. Do you have any recipe that you’d like to share? 

Justine (@jpretorious) shared this recipe with NO stale fried noodles: A4) Chinese chicken salad #DigiBlogChat




A4: @Omneya_Nabil shared her favourite 2-minute snack recipe.  












Q5. How often do you get take-out food (or do you only cook at home)? 

Sandy Connoly (@sandyconnoly) explained A5. Not often, but we are tonight @Applebees

And Maricar (@MaricarJagger) said A5. It’s been a time to work on some home cooking and to use fish from our fish market that stayed open.

White Chocolate and Cheese Parfait by Warren Laine-Naida

Q6. What have you baked lately? 

Chef Warren Laine-Naida (@WarrenLNaida) shared his recipe for White Chocolate and Cheese Parfait. (This looks luscious!)

Beth (@AdventureGlass) said A6. no No baking when it’s so hot outside. 

And Justine Pretorious (@jpretorious) mentioned A6) Banana Bread with Blackberries and the rasberry oatmeal bars. My hubby loves his pastries! 

Poppyseed cake

Not to be outdone, @maricarjagger baked this poppyseed cake for a friend. It turned out very well, delicious especially with some raspberry coulis (another secret weapon in my cooking arsenal)

Q7. What’s the simplest meal you’ve made? 

Justine Pretorious (@jpretorious) made A7) Breakfast tostadas! #DigiBlogChat

Q8. Any tips for making fresh produce last longer? 

Larry (@LazBlazter) said A8. Grow your own if possible and pick it when you are about to eat. 

While @Omneya_Nabil  said A8: I use basil leaves in almost everything I cook. I buy them fresh and freeze them in an ice cube tray with olive oil.
Justine (@jpretorious) said A8) Keep the bananas separate from the other fruit, refrigerate tomatoes/potatoes, and add a paper towel on top of mushrooms if you buy them pre-sliced. 

Roast Chicken with Lemon Butter and Garlic

Q9. What’s your laugh-out-loud go-to meal and why? 

Omneya @Omneya_Nabil  said A9: My specialty roast chicken with lemon butter and garlic. It’s the first dish I ever cooked with my roommates at my college dorms. We always take photos and send them to each other when we cook this dish.

Justine said A9) Frozen cauliflower pizza because it only takes 12 minutes :)

Pampered Chef Chopper

Q10. What’s your favorite, most-used kitchen appliance? 

Beth (@AdventureGlass) said A10. Pampered Chef Chopper – love that thing #digiblogchat

And several people mentioned that their coffee maker was their favorite! There was also a vote for a refrigerator.


  1. Maricar Jagger says

    Thanks, Carol! I’ve just seen this.

  2. A1: too many!!
    A2: lentils & walnuts to replace ground beef (we’re vegan and whole-foods based so no ‘fake’ substitutes)
    A3: My miso portobello mushrooms (too salty!!)
    A4: We don’t use any recipes.
    A5: We ONLY cook at home
    A6: Muffins, bread, cinnamon rolls – we bake weekly
    A7: Roasted veggies with kale and homemade tahini dressing (Only prep time is to cut veggies) Plus, we can change the veggies to make it a new dish as desired.
    A8: We grow our own, buy as needed and only as much as we can consume before it goes bad…no waste in more than a year.
    A9: Sweet potato and roasted black bean with corn salsa – a main dish when served with rice.
    A10: my 10″ cast iron skillet. Some weeks it’s the ONLY pan used for cooking.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for all the #Digiblogchat answers. I’ve been writing a blog post from that chat about holiday recipes. I’ve got one of your recipes ready to add to that post, too.

      Happy New Year!

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