This is How You Make Your Blog Posts Really Shine

This is How You Make Your Blog Posts Really Shine

This is How You Make Your Blog Posts Really Shine

This is How You Make Your Blog Posts Really Shine

I’ve been blogging regularly for a while now. And by “a while,” I mean going on seven years. So I’ve learned a couple of things that might interest you. Some things have changed a little, while other things have remained the same.

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Don’t Stress over Your Writing

I know that’s easier said than done, but really–don’t stress over it. Overthinking can cause a great deal of panic, and make you stop dead in your tracks. You can go deeper with your topic by doing some research, but don’t let lack of time for research stop you from writing. You do want to know who your audience is before you get started, though.

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Keep it Simple

Writing, like walking, is simply taking it one step at a time. Write one sentence. Then write another one. Pretty soon you have a paragraph, then a blog post, then you can compile those into a small book. Then maybe a series. Who knows?

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Come up with a Good Topic

It’s easiest to batch your topic creation. For instance, create a bunch of headlines all at once–I created 52 all at once at the beginning of the year. That way, you’ll always have something to write about. And sometimes the very act of writing shakes loose something in your brain that you didn’t know was there. Did you miss my post from last week, about Content Creation: What Are the Best Habits for Writing?

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect!

Done is better than perfect, hands down. According to some people, perfectionism is growing and becoming a dangerous epidemic, with more and more college students becoming perfectionists. In fact, in this BBC article about the dangerous downsides of perfectionism, author Amanda Ruggeri states that “Perfectionistic tendencies have been linked to a laundry list of clinical issues: depression and anxiety (even in children), self-harm, social anxiety disorder and agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, hoarding, dyspepsia, chronic headaches, and most damning of all, even early mortality and suicide.”

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Add Great Images

If the writing isn’t perfect, images can really help the subject along. You can use free sites for images, such as Pixabay or Canva. Or create your own images with PhotoShop. Or even use your own photos. There really is truth to that old saw about an image and a thousand words.

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Hire Someone

If you really, really need someone to blog for you, then hire someone! You don’t have to do everything yourself!

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What Stops You?

Is there something that holds you back from blogging? Let me know in the comments! And thank you.


  1. Thanks, Carol. You make some fundamental points which definitely hold me back!

    • Hi John, If I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have known myself. Now I’m much more comfortable with the occasional mistake…or two in order to get the writing done.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Carol,
    I have to remind myself “It doesn’t have to be perfect!”
    I’d never add new posts if I didn’t work at getting over that.
    As always, I’m thankful for your helpful reminders.

    • Hi Patricia!
      We’re the same that way–having to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect every day.
      Thank you for coming by and for your comments and support.
      You are greatly appreciated!
      Thanks again,

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