Tested Ways to Fail with Your Holiday Social Media Posts

Tested Ways to Fail with Your Holiday Social Media Posts

Tested Ways to Fail with Your Holiday Social Media Posts

You’ve probably heard lots of advice about what to post on social media during the holidays. But is anyone telling you how to fail? Maybe not! So here’s my two cents about the best ways to fail!

Brag About Your Cooking

Show closeups of all your holiday meals, and post them on Instagram, but use the #HumbleBrag hashtag so people know you’re kidding. And tell people why you deserve that brand new outdoor Tandoori clay oven. Believe me, people want to know!

Bonus Points: Tell people how hard it is to get good help these days!

Drink Before Posting

Before you post anything, make sure to have a lot of Arnold Palmers. Or Whiskey Sours! Then, when you try to spell, it’s so much more exhilarating and creative! Why, it becomes almost like a game! Which reminds me, here’s my post about the Gamification of Social Media that you might like.

Bonus Points: Posts with no punctuation!

Drink While Posting

You’ve heard of Wine Wednesdays, right? Who says you can’t drink and post or drink while posting or — or — where was I going with this? Oh, right. Nowhere.

Bonus Points: Videos with the sound of breaking glass, then silence.

 texting photo

Send Many Direct or Private Messages

It’s so easy to send messages these days. And why not send an invitation to your (holiday) sale to everyone who follows you? And now on Twitter you can send direct messages to multiple people. The joy, the joy!

Bonus: Create a Facebook event and invite people you have never met to your sale!

Post Embarrassing Photos

Post the worst pictures you can find of your closest relatives, huddled over a smoking bbq with charred hamburgers. That should show them a thing or two! They might not appreciate it right now, but they will in the future! Better still, blackmail them with those photos. By the way, here’s some great ways to fail on Pinterest.

Bonus Points: Not sure this can get any worse. But maybe it can!

funny photo

Silly Stuff

Anything that makes your followers go “Huh?” is fair game! The less they understand, the better! See drunk posting, above. Talking to yourself is a good way to go.

Don’t Spellcheck Anything

That’s right, anyone can believe. But weather you should believe? And by the way, here’s why you shouldn’t rely on spellcheckers.

valentine photo

Inappropriate Invitations

Have you ever received an invitation from someone in another city? State? Country? Now you can not only be the recipient of inappropriate invitations, you can originate them, too! Yay!

What Failures Have You Seen Around Holidays?

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, and some fails are harmless. Have you seen any good ones?


  1. I would never consider writing whilst drinking. Maybe Ernest Hemingway could get away with it but not me.

    I do sometimes write whilst having a green smoothie. That’s probably why my writing exudes such health and vitality.

    Great advice as always Carol.

    • Hi Clement,

      Most of us do write while stone cold sober, even if Hemingway could get away with it.

      I can’t remember writing while having a green smoothie. Coffee works pretty well, though!

      (Sorry for the late response! Was out of town at WordCamp!)
      Thank you for the comment!


  2. I am dying — this is hilarious!

    I think my favorite is, “Tell people how hard it is to get good help these days!” LOL.

    I do hope people reading this are catching the sarcasm (or maybe they have people to catch sarcasm for them, who knows what the super rich social media persons do these days).

    • Adam,

      I know someone who said something like that. She’d just bought a big house with a tennis court, and was complaining how hard it was to keep clean! Gee, I wonder why we’re not friends?!

      If people hired other people to catch sarcasm for them, they’d have another thing to complain about! That would be an awesome job, though. Just sitting around, drinking coffee, looking for sarcasm. “Sarcasm Detective” would make a good job title.


  3. Too funny Carol! Thanks for the advice!

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