Ten Best Ways to Find Outstanding Content

Ten Best Ways to Find the Best and Most Outstanding Content | Image by PIRO from Pixabay

We’ve all been there–it’s just minutes before a deadline and you’ve got no content, let alone best content, to show for your efforts. Maybe you’re tired, or maybe your brain just isn’t functioning. Whatever the case, you’ve got to come up with something–anything–so what’s a content creator to do? Here are a few ideas.

Look back to move forward

That is, look at your own blog posts or content that you’ve posted online and see what’s performed well. Then try to duplicate that success. If you need to know how to do that, here’s some help: Social Media Value: Why It’s Important and What to Measure.

Check Facebook or your favorite social media platform

For me, that would be Twitter. You don’t have to use what’s trending, but that’s one way to go. What are your friends or favorite accounts talking about? Could you tweak their content to fit your platform? Or could you repost and give them a nod at the same time? You could also join a Twitter chat to get good content ideas.

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Scan blog comments

Sometimes a person who comments on your blog will give you an idea you hadn’t thought of. Maybe you disagree with what they’ve said. Write about why you agree or disagree.

Use your audience’s pain points

Do you know what your audience’s pain points are? If not, here’s an article that might help: how to find your audience’s pain points and why you’d want to.

Create a compelling headline

Neil Patel suggests that most people will read the headline, but few will read anything else. So the headline is the most important thing. So spend most of your time working on the headline. Sometimes, as you’re creating a good headline, more ideas will pop into your mind.

Search for posts on each social media platform

When you’re looking for content for a particular place, search that platform first. Looking for an Instagram headline? Search on Instagram. Looking for good Pinterest posts? Search there first.

Keep an idea file

This works particularly well for blog post ideas. Of course, you can take pieces of that blog post and spread them around the interwebs, too. You never know when an idea might show up. So make sure you have a way to record those ideas before they fly away.

Use Pinterest as a search engine

And that’s because Pinterest is a search engine. I haven’t written about Pinterest in a while, but it’s very good for discovery. And it deserves to be used more. For instance, I just found this: 70 killer content ideas to post on social media. That took all of 30 seconds to find.

Identify trending topics

Trending topics can occur anywhere. If you’re on YouTube a lot, use those trending topics. Often, YouTube trending topics will appear based on what you watch. I’ve found many interesting videos based on YouTube recommendations.

Use lists

I might love lists more than anyone. These days, people say they don’t want to be listed, but those people don’t know what they’re talking about. One of my favorite posts is about lists: Twitter lists for the power user. Do you use lists?

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