Sick and Tired of the Same Old Content? Create Evergreen Content!

Sick and Tired of the Same Old Content? Create Evergreen Content!

Sick and Tired of the Same Old Content? Create Evergreen Content!

Have you been chasing down every holiday, trying to jump on every trending hashtag, only to be worn out by the chase? Why not try creating evergreen content? Here are some ideas for you.


Same Questions, Different Day?

To you, that question about why you should not wear stripes and polka dots together seems obvious. After all, you’ve been a fashion designer for 20 years! But to your clients, not so much! Explain to them in a blog post why stripes and polka dots clash. Not only that, show them pictures! You might even have one great idea that could be turned into a series.

Share Widely

Now that you’ve written that article, share it all over! And then after a decent amount of time (five days? one week?), share it again! People will probably not remember that they saw that article the first time. Even big brands share their content more than once! Of course, you can probably get away with more sharing on Twitter than say, LinkedIn. So mind where you share. For more ideas about recycling your content, see How to Recycle Content: 10 Best Ways.

Rinse and Retweet

Continue sharing, scheduling, and repeating articles. After all, you’ve taken a lot of time to write that article, haven’t you?

Don’t Forget to Share Others’ Posts

While you’re at it, share others’ articles and content as well as your own. Your audience doesn’t want to see just your own content, after all. Unless you’re the New York Times or a big media outlet, that is. While we’re on the subject of sharing others’ posts, here’s an article about engagement that you might like: How to Engage on Social Media: The Complete Guide.


What to Write?

I’ve found a very good place to start is with those frequently asked questions that you hear all the time! Start with those. Have an outsider ask you questions about your business and if the answers aren’t already obvious and easy to find on your website or social media, answer those questions with an article. Here’s a good article about finding things to write about, from CopyBlogger: 50 Can’t-Fail Techniques for Finding Great Blog Topics. By the way, the tip to write about pain is a great one. Pain points are where your product or service can step in and provide a cure.

Have a Favorite Way to Find Topics?

How do you find topics to write about? Do you have a simple way to discover new content? Let me know in the comments! Thanks!

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