Outsourcing Your Blogging Might Be the Best Thing You Do

Outsourcing Your Blogging Might Be the Best Thing You Do

Outsourcing Your Blogging Might Be the Best Thing You Do

You’ve heard it over and over: having a blog and blogging regularly helps your site on Google. There are many benefits to blogging on your website, as outlined by this Forbes article: The Top 10 Benefits of Blogging On Your Website.

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What Counts as Blogging?

Have you done anything about blogging? No. Well, unless you count thinking about it right before falling asleep. Or scribbling it in the steam on the bathroom wall while you take a shower. Do those count as blogging, though? Probably not. Unless someone’s figured out a way to make steam-writing into a blog post, that is. Here are a few reasons you might want to outsource your blogging.

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Play to Your Strengths

Unless one of your strengths is writing, why not have someone else do it for you? Maybe your strength is sales, and you love making sales calls. Why not do that? Or maybe you’re an inventor. Or maybe you run a start-up with 20 people to manage. Even if you do enjoy writing, blogging might never make it to the top of your to-do list.

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Do You Know All the Nuances?

Blogging isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to know before you get started. For instance, do you have the patience to create 25 headlines before choosing one? If not, you might want to read What Happens When You Write 25 Headlines Before Choosing One?

Your Sanity is Worth Something

If you’re simply fretting, and no blogging is actually getting done, why not consider outsourcing it? That way, at the end of the day, you’ll rest easier. If you want to worry about something, you can worry about something else. Not about whether the blogging is being done. Let someone else do that regularly.

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Focus on Your Business

You’re probably already focused on your business. But to outsource your blogging means you won’t have the idea of blogging hanging over your head. You know those few minutes right before you fall asleep? You can think about something productive, or something relaxing instead. Maybe relaxing isn’t something you do regularly when you’re running a company, but it could be.

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Save Your Time

Unless your business is so complex that absolutely no one can understand it and therefore write about it, using a professional blogger can save you time. This is related to “Focus on Your Business.”

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How About Doing a Combination?

By that I mean have someone start the blog for you and then you insert your own personality and edit a bit at the end? That works for some people. If you’re looking to create a relationship with your readers, this might be the best way to go. By the way, if you still insist on blogging for yourself, you might like this article: Blogging Beginner? How to Get Ahead of the Game.

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Hire a Professional

Why not hire someone with experience? I’m not talking about me, necessarily. Well, ok, I actually am. Why not consider hiring me? Please and thank you!

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