What’s the Best Social Media Site for Discussions?


What's the Best Social Media Site for Discussions?

What’s the Best Social Media Site for Discussions?

Maybe you’ve joined all kinds of social media sites in order to share your own content. And now you’re saying now what? Maybe you’d like to have conversations and some engagement on those sites. Maybe you’d like an actual discussion. Where would you begin? By the way, you might like my article on engagement: For Better Social Media Results, Focus on Engagement.

CITY WALK photoLines Are Blurring Between Sites

In some ways, the lines between the different sites are blurring. Facebook looks a lot like LinkedIn (and vice-versa) these days. You can scroll, like, share, etc. And video is becoming more popular across all sites.

Smaller Sites Offer Discussion

Some lesser-known sites offer opportunities for discussions, such as Quora and Reddit, but then again, are your customers and friends there? If they are, then, by all means, join them. But if they’re not, maybe it’s better to go where the people are. The 21 top social media sites for 2019 (from Buffer) are those with the most users. But wait! That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be on Snapchat!


Larger Sites May Be Better for Discussions

If you’re looking to connect with more people, the larger sites tend to attract more people. Here are some of the benefits of each:

Twitter is very good for chatting with a group, focused on a specific topic. Tweet chats are plentiful and seem to be making a comeback. I’ll be writing more about Twitter chats, and started writing a TweetChats: Your Complete Guide. Here is Part One.

On Facebook, you can have a discussion, and it’s a bit easier to follow threads. You may want to start the discussion at a particular time (when your audience is online) by checking your analytics.

On LinkedIn, you can also follow threads, similar to Facebook. On LinkedIn, it’s good to post at times when your audience is online, too. Early in the morning is good, and so is right after dinner time.

YouTube is becoming more and more popular, and is the largest search engine, after Google. How-to videos, in particular, do very well, and there’s plenty to discuss there.

If you market to Millennials, and especially women, Pinterest is a great place to be. 80-90% of Pinterest’s users are women. Recently, Pinterest went public and has been doing well.


Do You Have a Favorite Place for Discussions?

Maybe you like to comment on blog posts! Or maybe you like Facebook. Do tell!


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